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Legend Gaming Closes Talion and Adds Phalanx Enterprises

As a community, we must make tough decisions sometimes. Today we decided to close down our Everquest: Next chapter. We opened it in December 2013 and were highly anticipating the release of EQ:Next. But over the course of the last year, we as a community have become quite frustrated with the development process of EQ:Next. With the buyout by Daybreak studios and our lack of confidence in the development of this game, we have decided to close our pre- release EQ:Next chapter. Rest in Peace Talion.

There is good news, however. We recently added Phalanx Enterprises as a client guild to Legend Gaming. They will begin preparing for Star Citizen, an upcoming space MMORPG. Phalanx Enterprises is not a chapter of LG, but a client guild which is a bit more relaxed in requirements, expectations, and so forth.

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