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Congratulations to Khaer_96, LG's newest Elder!

It is our esteemed pleasure to announce the appointment of Khaer_96 to Elder of Legend Gaming. He's certainly earned it with his accomplishments over the past year. Khaer is one of the quickest LG members to ever be promoted to Eldership because of his contributions to the community, his relentless activity, and his courage in taking over Vokundein and keeping it alive and as strong as it can be in that game.

Khaer_96 joined LG in early 2014. Since then, he has served as an officer in Vokundein and now serves as it's leader. For his entire membership within this community, he has never faltered. He has been extremely active, consistently one of the most active posters on the forums, and heavily involved in game. His attention to detail and his work ethic is astounding. Several High Elders have come forward and told me about his impeccable ability to "get" the LG system and run it. Even more impressive is his ability to jump into our system and be a great leader. He doesn't make admin mistakes, he corrects any issues brought to his attention EXTREMELY quickly, and he is hands on in his leadership abilities. He is the prime example of what an Elder should be within this community.

Welcome to Elderhood, Khaer_96!

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