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Allastair Ascends to the Rank of High Elder

It is Legend Gaming's great pleasure to promote Allastair, who now joins the handful of members who have ascended to the rank of High Elder. We present to you, High Elder Allastair!

Allastair has been a pillar in the community since 2010, having started his journey in Jen'Jidai, where he played an integral role in the guild's recruitment activities. Allastair's dedication extended to PvP activities as well, where he eventually earned the PvP rank of Massassai, a rank only given to the most active and skilled PvP players in Jen'Jidai. Allastair has been a constant source of support within the ranks of Vokundein now as well, where he served as Head of Recruitment for over a year. You'll find Allastair on the field of battle, and you will know him by the trail of corpses he leaves behind!

Congratulations Allastair, this moment is yours. Legend Gaming is proud to have you here, going on four years now. With this promotion, your name shall be on our roster until the end of time.

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About Legend Gaming

Legend Gaming was born out of the Age of Conan guild Hand of Set. In June of 2006, a woman named Nkosi founded Hand of Set as a premier roleplaying guild in AoC, posting the first recruitment topic for the guild on 6/6/2006. She was a visionary administrator who created a dark Website that portrayed the role playing environment they wanted to promote. In November, Nkosi went on vacation and subsequently disappeared. Having no idea what happened to their guild leader, Sanakhti (now Sana) took control of Hand of Set.

Nearly a year later, they discovered that Nkosi had died in a car accident. From that point on, they began to dedicate their actions in the community to her memory. Sana led Hand of Set until March of 2008, when her co-leader Zurual (now Drahl) took her place. It was at this point that Drahl had the idea to form Hand of Set into the multi-gaming community Legend Gaming.

Drahl believed that the members of Hand of Set were so dedicated to the guild that it was essential to try and retain their bonds of community in future games. It was at that point that he created the charter and Code of Conduct that Legend Gaming still uses today. Legend Gaming became official that same January, with some members lingering even from those early days. Xenith joined in May of 2007 and Praetorian joined in May of 2008, both now representing the community as High Elders. Aljebra also first joined Legend Gaming in 2007, though he left and subsequently rejoined in July of 2009, and is now considered an Elder in the community.

Legend Gaming has a history of starting successful pre-release guilds. It all began with Hand of Set, which was labeled by IGN as the most successful pre-release guild in MMORPG history. HoS followed this with post-release success in the charged PvP environment of Age of Conan's Cimmeria server. HoS successfully established the first guild PvP keep in AoC and was credited with holding it far longer than any other guild during AoC's prime. They often stood alone against attacks by every other guild on the server. In one memorable battle, 40-50 Hand of Set members took to the field against an alliance of nearly 150 enemy players. Zurual, then PvP officer, led them in combat and they continually pushed back their foes for several hours; resulting in an overwhelming victory for Hand of Set.

Legend Gaming has created official and unofficial community guilds in a variety of games. Over the years, members have operated unofficial guilds in many games such as Everquest 2, Lord of the Rings Online (beta), Vanguard (beta), World of Warcraft, Shadowbane, and Dark Age of Camelot. In early 2008, Drahl started the second official Legend Gaming chapter 'Legend', for the game Warhammer Online. Legend was another large and successful pre-release guild. Legend was recognized as the #1 PvP guild on the Volkmar server as well as the guild with the server's highest guild raid progression. Legend also launched the Volkmar server's first assault on an Order city. In this early PvP battle, Legend and other Chaos-faction guilds conquered the Order city.

After playing Warhammer Online for several months, the chapter 'Exilium' was created for members interested in Darkfall. This chapter was run by Valthas for a time and started as a large name in that game, eventually operating as a mercenary force for other guilds. In early 2009, Community Manager Drahl decided to retire and Valthas took over control of the community. Before long, however, the community had need of Drahl again and he returned to his former position as Community Manager.

Game bugs and other issues in Darkfall had driven some players away from that game and it was at this point that Drahl and Xenith created Jen'jidai as a pre-release chapter for Star Wars the Old Republic.

Formed in April of 2009, Jen'jidai started up two years before the launch Star Wars the Old Republic. This gave the new chapter plenty of time to build up its membership and become another influential leader in its targeted game's community. Because of Legend Gaming's community focus, Jen'jidai was able to start with 39 members. Since its creation, Jen'jidai has held a robust membership and has added many new names, reaching over 110 members at its height.

Thaiden joined in April of 2009 and the passage of a few months would see a slew of long-lasting members joining the community. Brand, Akoti and Zafeer joined in June, with Seven and Vaeras joining shortly thereafter in July. September would bring Sera and Skyliss to the community and Terask would inevitably join in November of 2009. The following year saw many other amazing members as Allastair arrived in March, Arrachtas in May, and Luniara in October. Vaquero originally joined up early, but left and later reapplied to the community; joining all the others as Elders of Legend Gaming.

In the beginning, Drahl ran Jen'jidai with Xenith at his side. However, Drahl retired again in October of 2009, leaving Xenith in control of Jen'jidai and all of Legend Gaming. Xenith continued Jen'jidai's prosperous beginning and helped see the community pursue many new accomplishments. Jen'jidai once again won Legend Gaming a place as a top pre-release community as it rose to new heights in SWTOR's community. Bioware itself even took notice of Jen'jidai, sometimes mentioning them during interviews and seeking their participation in beta initiatives.

Jen'jidai members have thrived in many FanArt forum contests and have banners and images used in many fan sites including TORWars. Jen'jidai is listed as one of the top world guilds and is the top ranked guild on the Jung Ma server. This is for many reasons, as the chapter has fully embraced many aspects of the game. The first Jen'jidai recruitment video, created by Brand, has received over 16,000 views on YouTube, and when Bioware decided to begin doing spotlights of SWTOR guilds, Jen'jidai was the first guild that they selected.

In PvP, Jen'jidai was renowned and respected as a dominant, mature, and respectful force in the game's beta; constantly working to test and break the game's warzones. People grew to know the Jen'jidai name well and would sometimes forfeit rather than face them in battle. Post-release, they continued to participate in open-world engagements and were well known. One of their members was also among of the server's first to reach the rank of Battlemaster.

In PvE, Jen'jidai worked hard to test content as it became available in beta. Since release, Jen'jidai has achieved over 30 server firsts, including being the first to completely clear Story mode, Hard mode, and Nightmare mode of the Eternity Vault and Karagga's Palace raids. While they were the second to complete Hard mode of Explosive Conflict, they once again emerged first in clearing Hard mode Terror from Beyond. Jen'jidai continues to compete for server firsts as new content is released.

Jen'jidai has taken an active role in the SWTOR community. When Bioware announced their system for allocating allied and enemy guilds to the same servers, they decided to omit RP-PvP servers. Jen'jidai helped in the effort to organize RP-PvP servers together onto a single RP-PvP server, helping to forge Jung Ma into one of the strongest, most active, and most community-oriented servers in the game. They also made the first announcement of an in-game community role-play event worldwide, an achievement that earned an article on the TORWars community fan site.

Xenith operated as the guild leader of Jen'jidai until he decided to take a vacation and focus more on his real life. Arrachtas and Luniara took control of Jen'jidai on March 30th, 2012. Around this time, Drahl returned to resume the mantle of Community Manager of Legend Gaming. In August, Arrachtas stepped down and Luniara took charge as Jen'jidai's leader; soon promoting Akoti to serve as her co-guild leader.

August of 2012 saw a new burst of activity in Legend Gaming as new games began to appear on the horizon. Two new chapters were approved to carry the Legend Gaming name onward alongside Jen'jidai. Skyliss started the 'Sovereign Guard' chapter for the game Planetside 2. Meanwhile, Seven started 'Acheron' for the upcoming World of Darkness MMO. Due to lack of interest, Sovereign Guard was disbanded just prior to the release of PS 2. Acheron is still actively pursuing official chapter status and Legend Gaming has since opened chapters for new games.

January of 2013 saw the creation of Vokundein by Community Manager Drahl, our Elder Scrolls Online chapter which has since soared in activity with the approach of Elder Scrolls Online. April of 2013 also saw the establishment of our Wildstar Online chapter Terminus, led by Exiled. The year's booming activity ended out with the December creation of our most recent chapter, Talion; a chapter formed for the upcoming EverQuest Next MMORPG.