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Happy Birthday Legend Gaming

On January 22nd 2015, Legend Gaming celebrates its 7 year anniversary. This community has overcome so many trials and tribulations in those seven years. The fact we are still here and going strong is a testament to our members. I want to thank each and every one of you for making this community possible.

I want to thank our chapters and their officers for all the hard work they've done the past year. The Vice Officers in Vokundein, Jen'jidai, and more recently Ordo Veritas; you've made this possible. The Department Leaders, whose work is never done; we owe so much of our success to you. Thank you Ashen Wardens and the hard work of their leadership for taking an idea and making it bloom. Lastly I want to thank the High Elders who still spend so much of their time working behind the scenes to continue to make Legend Gaming and it's dream a reality.

To the great people who have helped build Legend Gaming from day one and are no longer here or retired; we miss you very much. You know who you are. Many of the leaders and officers of Hand of Set and Jen'jidai. You guys and gals are missed and we hope you're enjoying life.

Lastly, I want to thank our web team and all the hard work they put into this community daily. We're seven years old folks. Its a new year and 2015 is upon us. Though we've accomplished many things, we haven't even began to stretch our legs. There's so much more coming!

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