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Legend Gaming Congratulates Vokundein

Legend Gaming would like to congratulate its Elder Scrolls Online chapter on achieving North American 1st and World 2nd on Dragon Star Arena veteran. Though Vokundein is mostly known for it's PvP prowess, we wanted to give our members the opportunity to participate in the Zenimax guild competition. This competition involved the top teams being invited to Zenimax for a developer Q&A. Legend Gaming is proud to announce we have been invited due to our accomplishments in this competition. Congratulations to Vokundein. Special thanks to Zintair, Khaer, Anjelicus, and Lisilas for all their hard work in this competition.

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About Legend Gaming

Legend Gaming was born out of the Age of Conan guild Hand of Set. In June of 2006, a woman named Nkosi founded Hand of Set as a premier roleplaying and PvP guild in AoC, posting the first recruitment topic for the guild on 6/6/2006. She was a visionary administrator who created a dark Website that portrayed the role playing environment they wanted to promote. In November, Nkosi went on vacation and subsequently disappeared. Having no idea what happened to their guild leader, Sanakhti (now Sana) took control of Hand of Set.

Nearly a year later, they discovered that Nkosi had died in a car accident. From that point on, they began to dedicate their actions in the community to her memory. Sana led Hand of Set until March of 2008, when her co-leader Zurual (now Drahl) took her place. It was at this point that Drahl had the idea to form Hand of Set into the multi-gaming community Legend Gaming.

Drahl believed that the members of Hand of Set were so dedicated to the guild that it was essential to try and retain their bonds of community in future games. It was at that point that he created the charter and Code of Conduct that Legend Gaming still uses today. Legend Gaming became official that same January, with some members lingering even from those early days. Xenith joined in May of 2007 and Praetorian joined in May of 2008, both now representing the community as High Elders. Aljebra also first joined Legend Gaming in 2007, though he left and subsequently rejoined in July of 2009, and is now considered an Elder in the community.

Legend Gaming has a history of starting successful pre-release guilds. It all began with Hand of Set, which was labeled by IGN as the most successful pre- release guild in MMORPG history. HoS followed this with post-release success in the charged PvP environment of Age of Conan's Cimmeria server. HoS successfully established the first guild PvP keep in AoC and was credited with holding it far longer than any other guild during AoC's prime. They often stood alone against attacks by every other guild on the server. In one memorable battle, 40-50 Hand of Set members took to the field against an alliance of nearly 150 enemy players. Zurual, then PvP officer, led them in combat and they continually pushed back their foes for several hours; resulting in an overwhelming victory for Hand of Set.

Legend Gaming has created official and unofficial community guilds in a variety of games. Over the years, members have operated unofficial guilds in many games such as Everquest 2, Lord of the Rings Online (beta), Vanguard (beta), World of Warcraft, Shadowbane, and Dark Age of Camelot. In early 2008, Drahl started the second official Legend Gaming chapter 'Legend', for the game Warhammer Online. Legend was another large and successful pre-release guild. Legend was recognized as the #1 PvP guild on the Volkmar server as well as the guild with the server's highest guild raid progression. Legend also launched the Volkmar server's first assault on an Order city. In this early PvP battle, Legend and other Chaos- faction guilds conquered the Order city.

After playing Warhammer Online for several months, the chapter 'Exilium' was created for members interested in Darkfall. This chapter was run by Valthas for a time and started as a large name in that game, eventually operating as a mercenary force for other guilds. In early 2009, Community Manager Drahl decided to retire and Valthas took over control of the community. Before long, however, the community had need of Drahl again and he returned to his former position as Community Manager.

Game bugs and other issues in Darkfall had driven some players away from that game and it was at this point that Drahl and Xenith created Jen'jidai as a pre- release chapter for Star Wars the Old Republic.

Formed in April of 2009, Jen'jidai started up two years before the launch Star Wars the Old Republic. This gave the new chapter plenty of time to build up its membership and become another influential leader in its targeted game's community. Because of Legend Gaming's community focus, Jen'jidai was able to start with 39 members. Jen'jidai rose to hold a robust membership, reaching over 110 members at its prime.

2009 would see a slew of long-lasting members joining the community. Brand and Akoti joined in June, with Vellic joining shortly thereafter in July. September would bring Sera to the community and Terask would inevitably join in November of 2009. The following year saw many other amazing leaders such as Allastair when he joined in March; all establishing a strong host of community elders.

In the beginning, Drahl ran Jen'jidai with Xenith at his side. However, Drahl retired again in October of 2009, leaving Xenith in control of Jen'jidai and all of Legend Gaming. Xenith continued Jen'jidai's prosperous beginning and helped see the community pursue many new accomplishments. Jen'jidai once again won Legend-Gaming a place as a top pre-release community as it rose to new heights in SWTOR's community. Bioware itself even took notice of Jen'jidai, sometimes mentioning them during interviews and seeking their participation in beta initiatives.

Jen'jidai members thrived in many FanArt forum contests and designed banners and images used in many fan sites including TORWars. Jen'jidai was listed as one of the top world guilds and was the top ranked guild on the Jung Ma server. This was for many reasons, as the chapter fully embraced many aspects of the game. The first Jen'jidai recruitment video, created by Brand, received over 16,000 views on YouTube, and when Bioware decided to begin doing spotlights of SWTOR guilds, Jen'jidai was the first guild that they selected.

In PvP, Jen'jidai was renowned and respected as a dominant, mature, and respectful force in the game's beta; constantly working to test and break the game's warzones. People grew to know the Jen'jidai name well and would sometimes forfeit rather than face them in battle. Post-release, they continued to participate in and organize open-world events and were well known. One of their members was also among of the server's first to reach the rank of Battlemaster.

In PvE, Jen'jidai worked hard to test content as it became available in beta. Jen'jidai achieved over 30 server firsts, including being the first to completely clear Story mode, Hard mode, and Nightmare mode of the Eternity Vault and Karagga's Palace raids. While they were the second to complete Hard mode of Explosive Conflict, they once again emerged first in clearing Hard mode Terror from Beyond.

Jen'jidai took an active role in the SWTOR community. When Bioware announced their system for allocating allied and enemy guilds to the same servers, they decided to omit RP-PvP servers. Jen'jidai helped in the effort to organize RP- PvP servers together onto a single RP-PvP server, helping to forge Jung Ma into one of the strongest, most active, and most community-oriented servers in the game. They also made the first announcement of an in-game community role-play event worldwide, an achievement that earned an article on the TORWars community fan site.

Xenith operated as the guild leader of Jen'jidai until he decided to take a vacation and focus more on his real life. Arrachtas and Luniara took control of Jen'jidai on March 30th, 2012. Around this time, Drahl returned to resume the mantle of Community Manager of Legend-Gaming. In August, Arrachtas stepped down and Luniara took charge as Jen'jidai's leader; soon promoting Akoti to serve as her co-guild leader.

August of 2012 saw a new burst of activity in Legend Gaming as new games began to appear on the horizon. Two new chapters were approved to carry the Legend Gaming name onward alongside Jen'jidai. Skyliss started the 'Sovereign Guard' chapter for the game Planetside 2. Meanwhile, Vellic started 'Acheron' for the upcoming World of Darkness MMO. Due to lack of interest, Sovereign Guard was disbanded just prior to the release of PS 2. Around May of 2013, Jen'jidai finally closed its doors and Acheron pursued official chapter status until World of Darkness' development was cancelled nearly a year and a half later.

January of 2013 saw the creation of Vokundein by Community Manager Drahl, our Elder Scrolls Online chapter which since soared in activity with the approach of Elder Scrolls Online. April of 2013 also saw the establishment of our Wildstar Online chapter Terminus. The year's booming activity ended out with the December creation of Talion, a chapter formed by Drahl for the upcoming EverQuest Next MMORPG.

Vokundein continued Legend-Gaming's legacy of success by leading the Ebonheart Pact in a crushing victory on the only competitive NA campaign in ESO - Wabbajack. They also helped lead the EP through the second Wabbajack campaign - which was cut short to reform the campaign lengths and forge the new competitive one-month server Thornblade. Terminus had a rougher start in Wildstar as disappointment with the game rocked Wildstar's fans. Decline in Terminus' server helped lead to a plummeting member count and the chapter's doors were eventually closed in August of 2014.

Legend Gaming Code of Conduct

Under the Legend Gaming Hierarchy; Rules and enforcement of rules falls under the control of the Inner Sanctum of Legend-Gaming, and the Chapter Leaders of each respective Chapter (Drahl for Vokundein, Seven for Acheron, Dascuba for Terminus).

General Behaviour Guidelines

Section One

1. All Members of Legend Gaming will treat each other in a respectful manner; this does not mean that there cannot be competition, distrust, conflict, or bloodshed between members, but there can be such interactions only IN GAME and under the auspices of ROLE-PLAY. On the forums, in team speak, in guild chat, during guild events, and in any social outlet that could be seen by others, all members will cooperate with each other and treat each other well. Failure to do so will lead to a warning or your dismissal from the guild, depending on the severity of the incident.

a). Members will not speak poorly about each other to other members. Gossip and 'trash talk' behind a member's back will NOT be tolerated. The punishment for this can range from a warning to a trial for removal, depending on the severity.

b). Posting links on the forums or in team speak that lead to websites that can cause harm to a person's computer or browser (example being 'Rick Roll' threads, links with trojans, and links with keylogs) will be treated most harshly by Leadership. Posting these links with the intent of causing harm will be treated as a maximum violation of this rule (Trial for removal from guild).

2. This is a 17+ age guild. As such, profanity is allowed within reason. We only ask that you keep language at a generally socially acceptable level; cursing on occasion is understandable, but expletive-strewn rants or any foul language that is directed at another individual are not acceptable.

3. Legend Gaming urges its members to use good judgment and intelligence when speaking about sensitive subjects that may involve this guild or its members; this could relate to any projects that the guild is developing, but wishes to keep private, or it could relate to matters decided upon by the Inner Sanctum. Anything that is a sensitive matter (membership conduct, Inner Sanctum rulings, major guild developments) should not be broadcasted 'at large' to the world. We expect members to respect the intimate nature of the guild's internal affairs.

a). Members will not speak poorly about the community nor otherwise misrepresent it to anyone, whether they are in the community or not. Privately questioning a guild matter, policy, or leadership decision (in accordance with Section 1, Rule 5) is perfectly fine, but members shall not blatantly speak ill of the community or its practices. If you have concerns, we encourage you to follow the Chain of Command and speak privately with the leadership about them. Speaking poorly about the guild is disrespectful to the work put into the community by the leadership as well as being disrespectful to every member of the community.

4. The leadership of Legend Gaming and each of its chapters is not on a proverbial 'power play'; each leader and officer of the community is effectively performing a 'second job' due to the highly structured way in which Legend Gaming is run. For the efforts of these people to bear fruit, there is the fundamental need for leadership to be respected. It is highly important for there to be good cohesion and good morale in the guild and this cannot be achieved if the leadership of the guild is openly abused or non-constructively criticized by its members. As such, one must respect the leaders and the officers for every chapter of Legend Gaming. It is also highly important that the Inner Sanctum, leadership of our gaming community, also be highly respected. Punishment for disregarding the above instructions will almost always be removal from the community.

a). Membership will not speak poorly about leadership behind their backs. This can create very volatile situations which can include morale loss, rumor spread, and a general decline in leadership's ability to run and administrate this community.

5. Any member questioning the ruling of Legend Gaming's leadership (Inner Sanctum), or a specific chapter's leadership or officers, publicly, is subject to consequences which will almost always be removal from the community. If you feel a leader or officer has made a bad decision, please question them via Private Messages, tells/whispers, email, or a private team speak session. Legend Gaming does not condone it's leadership being questioned in public forums; this is not because they are on a power play. Legend Gaming prides itself upon accountable leadership, and wants to hear our members' opinions as well as their advice, but we prefer it given in a manner that does not cause members at large to lose morale or trust in their leadership. Questioning decisions publicly only leads to argument and morale loss. The absolute truth is you are ENCOURAGED and WELCOME to state your disagreement with a guild policy or decision, but it must be done maturely and via the aforementioned private methods. Legend Gaming leaders listen to members and will reverse decisions if strong reason is given. What is not tolerated, however, is public ridicule and public defiant challenge of leadership's decisions.

6. Any member of Legend Gaming found to be speaking to other guilds or communities, enemy or friend, about the community's private matters will be removed from the guild. This includes speaking to guilds regarding sensitive matters that pertain to members of the community or its leadership.

7. Members have no need to fear repercussions from the community's leadership for reporting code of conduct violations he/she observes. The leadership offers full immunity to any person who comes to them with reports of violations of our rules. In some cases, this immunity may extend to them even if they were involved - this is not, however, a courtesy that is extended in order to encourage people to be 'rats'. This policy is used to protect those people who love our community and respect our rules enough to report those who disrespect the community and its rules.

8. The formation of cliques or sub-groups inside each chapter of Legend Gaming or within the community itself, as mandated by Legend-Gaming, is strictly forbidden. There are ranks and sub groups (like PvE or PvP groups) that do exist in our hierarchy. These are not cliques as they are publically published, accessible to see by all community members, and have detailed entrance requirements that are approved by Legend-Gaming or each specific chapter's leadership. Any sub-groups that are privately created and specifically designed to be exclusive of other community members will be considered treasonous as they are divisive amongst a community, and they shall be dealt with severely.

9. The leadership of Legend Gaming does not condone the unprovoked harassment/griefing of other players, friend or foe. Legend Gaming expects its members to act like adults. As adults, we will have to make decisions as to what is acceptable and what crosses the line into harassment. We expect our members to use good judgment in this regard, and poor judgment will have its consequences. Legend Gaming will do what it must to protect and preserve its reputation in the gaming community.

10. Legend Gaming will treat its friends and allied partners/guilds in a cordial manner unless a betrayal of our trust is perceived by Legend Gaming or a chapter's leadership. Reasons for betrayal can be role-play in nature and/or for more literal reasons. This rule applies to diplomatic relationships only.

11. All copyrighted items and/or EULA-breaking behavior or information is hereby banned from Legend Gaming's and all its chapter's forums. This also includes beta NDAs. Furthermore, Legend Gaming copyrighted material may only be used by members in avatars or signatures. The use of Legend-Gaming and its chapter's graphics or symbols without the permission of the Inner Sanctum is strictly forbidden.

a). This also includes copyrighted stories, graphics, and even private servers in other games that do not allow such activity. (example; private servers in EQ and WoW are legal and exempt from this rule).

b). Beta NDAs will be respected by Legend Gaming and all of its chapters. Beta participants will not speak of their participation or experiences in NDA-protected 'closed' betas. Legend Gaming has a rich history of getting into betas extremely early, and we have this history because our members respect their NDAs.

c). In order for Copyright violations to be valid, a proof of copyright must be issued.

12. Any attempts to deceive leadership for personal gain will be met with great consequences inside Legend Gaming and will be treated as treasonous behavior against our community. This rule does not apply to Role-Play. This rule only applies to out of character interactions.

13. A call to arms is any emergency which requires our members to respond immediately in force. A call to arms will be honored by every online member. If a call to arms is issued, every online member must proceed to fulfill that call to arms, regardless of where they are or what they are doing. A call to arms can be issued by the Chapter Leader, or the PvP officer (or his/her designated Vice Officers). If the guild leader or PvP officer (or his/her delegates) are not available, another department's officer may initiate a call to arms. Under no circumstances can another department's vice officer issue a call to arms. Failure to honor this rule can lead to suspension from the guild and trial. A member who breaks this rule is susceptible to removal with trial. Officers or guild leaders who issue an unwarranted call to arms will be severely dealt with by guild leadership or the Inner Sanctum, as this is an issue of grave disrespect to the guild's members and their personal time. A Call to Arms is a rare occurrence, but its importance must be understood.

14. All Members of Legend-Gaming are to follow the chain of command on all issues. Circumventing the chain of command is a problem that the leadership of Legend Gaming will take very seriously. Deliberately avoiding taking issues/concerns/problems to the appropriate leader is both disrespectful to the leadership of each chapter and the leadership of the community as a whole. Please see your chapter's officer list/Chain of Command for contact information on each specific department. Members are urged to use a written form of communication (private message and email) in contacting a department officer, chapter leader, or the community manager. It gives the member proof that contact was made. Members must contact the department officer, chapter leader, or Community Manager using the Legend Gaming site (pm or officer email). Do not contact officers, chapter leaders, or the Community Manager on social media sites, via phone/skype, or other means outside of Legend Gaming regarding community issues. Failure to adhere to the chain of command and proper means of communication will not be tolerated.

a). Issues in specific departments should be directed to the department's officer (PvE, PvP, RP, Recruitment, and activity respectfully). If the issue involves the department's officer, the issue should be taken to the chapter leader(s).

b). Behavioral issues and CoC violations should be taken to the Recruitment Officer, who is head of behavior. If the issue involves the Recruitment Officer, the issue should be taken to the chapter leader(s).

c). If a member feels the specific department officer did not handle their issue correctly or sufficiently, the member may contact the Chapter Leader(s) regarding the issue. Note that simply 'not liking' the ruling that one was handed is not sufficient justification to bypass an officer; you must be able to prove that the ruling was in error.

d). Issues involving the chapter leader(s) should be taken to the Community Manager of Legend-Gaming. You may contact Drahl via PM or email him at bendare@legend-gaming.net. The chapter leader(s) are the leaders of the guild. If a member takes an issue beyond them, to the community manager, the issue will be highly scrutinized. Use caution when taking issues to the community manager. If the community manager believes you are circumventing the chapter leader just to talk to him, there will be consequences. Make sure you truly do have an issue the chapter leader cannot solve or is directly involved in before bringing an issue to the highest authority.

15. All members of Legend-Gaming are required to play inside a LG chapter if they possess a character on that chapter's server. Members of Legend Gaming are not allowed to have an unguilded main character on a server where a Legend Gaming chapter exists and shall not apply to other guilds. Members may petition the Inner Sanctum for approval if outstanding circumstances exist OR if someone is a member of Legend Gaming but is not allowed inside the specific chapter, in a game they want to play. For the purposes of this rule, main character is defined as a character you play a majority of the time or the character you play the most. In a MMO where a character is allowed to represent more than one guild, LG members are *ONLY* allowed to represent Legend Gaming's guild. Punishment for not being in a LG chapter with a main character will follow the offense steps found in Section 10. Punishment for being in another guild or applying to another guild, other than LG's chapter or in addition to LG's chapter, will be considered a treasonous act, resulting in suspension.

a). Members of Legend Gaming will not be allowed in other guilds, for the same game, while their chapter is in pre-release phase. Punishment for members caught in other guilds will be a suspension. This will be considered a treasonous violation.

b). Beta guilds will also fall under this rule (pre-release). You may join guilds in beta, if an LG guild does not exist, and use this opportunity to test the guild interface. However, choosing to participate with those guilds over your chapter will lead to breakage of this rule.

Consequences of Failing to Adhere to the "General" Code of Conduct

Section Two

1. Issues of disrespecting members of Legend Gaming will be handled promptly by the officers and leadership of the offending member's Chapter. Punishments for disrespecting members of the guild can vary from simple warnings, demotion to trial status, to permanent banishment from the guild. This variety of punishment depends entirely on the severity of the disrespect. Full banishment and/or demotion can only be done if a trial is held giving the accused a chance to defend themselves.

2. Issues of disrespecting leaders and officers of Legend Gaming and its chapters will be handled promptly by the offending member's chapter. The offending member(s) will be suspended from the community, its forums and Team Speak, temporarily, until a trial can be held to prove the accused members innocence or guilt. Punishments for disrespecting leaders and officers of the community will usually include removal from the guild and possibly banishment if proven guilty.

3. Any member caught in harassment of other players in any game Legend Gaming is participating in, regardless of whether the player was enemy or friend, will be suspended from the community, and its forums and Team Speak until a suitable punishment can be named by the offending member's chapter leadership. Punishment for harassing other players will vary depending on the severity of the harassment.

a).Certain exceptions to the above rule may be made if you, as the harasser, were ordered to execute said harassment by your PvP Leader, members of your chapter's Officer core, or the Inner Sanctum of Legend Gaming. A member will never be held accountable for doing what their leaders say, in this situation.

b).People whom appear on the "Kill on Sight" list for being banned from this community may be dealt with in any fashion. Members will not be held accountable for their actions against such despicable people who were banned from this community.

4. All Treasonous behavior will result in immediate suspension of the member suspected. Any member suspected of treasonous behavior will be given only 24 hours to show for trial, as opposed to the normal 48 hours for lesser offenses. Punishment for treasonous members will always be full banishment from the community. All rules that are considered treasonous are marked as treasonous in the Code of Conduct.

Activity Requirements - Pre-Game (Expires at Release of Game)

Section Three

1. When operating as a pre-game guild, we require all members to be active on our forums. This is not the type of guild where you can sign up, get accepted, and disappear until release. If you want that kind of guild, you can go elsewhere! We believe pre-game activity leads to friendships, brotherhood, and cohesion. It is VERY important.

a). Members' activity will often be checked (usually weekly or bi-weekly). If leadership feels you are not active enough, you will be removed from the guild or sent a warning, dependent on the severity.

b). Members removed due to inactivity may reapply in 30 days. No exceptions.

c). Members may go inactive for up to a month if real life requires it. All you need to do is let us know and you will not lose rank or membership. Members in the military, whom are being deployed or going through training, may go inactive as long as they need without losing rank or membership. But you must let us know BEFOREHAND via private message or email to the appropriate activity officer or chapter leader.

2. Team Speak activity is not required, but acts as a huge bonus to a member's activity. It is possible for a member to be active in Team Speak and barely active on the forums and pass our activity requirements. We greatly enjoy talking to our members in Team Speak.

a). For those participating in beta, you will be REQUIRED to be in Team Speak and participating with other beta members from our community. If you are caught in beta while not being in Team Speak, you will be charged with a violation of this amendment according to procedures outlined in Section 10 of the CoC. It goes without saying that beta is an opportunity for our guild members to begin to learn to play with each other. Understand those whom want to login to beta and learn the game, solo, and explore are more than welcome to do so. But you should still be in Team Speak and participating in Team Speak with fellow beta testers. Simply logging into beta and ignoring your fellow beta testers and TS OR playing with other guilds and being in their Team Speak is NOT acceptable and will lead to consequences.

3. Official Forum activity in our recruitment thread(s) is mandatory and often checked. A sticky can be found in our Official News section which will point each member to our official recruitment threads. A general rule of thumb is if you are extremely active on a Legend Gaming chapter's forum, we will allow you to slip a bit on the official forum. But if you are just average in activity on a Legend Gaming chapter's forum, don't have any Team Speak activity to bump you up, and have a low to no activity night attendance to bump you up; you will find the official forum inactivity causing your removal.

4. When operating as a pre-release Chapter, roll calls occur randomly throughout the pre-release process. They are often used to get to know our membership better. They almost always appear as a thread on our forums (located in the Guild News forum) and usually involve detailed instructions on completion. Most roll calls will take a member less than one minute to complete, and the frequency at which they are given out is once every few months; they are, however, completely issued at random. Failure to answer a roll call by the end date will result in your removal from the guild. There are NO exceptions unless you are on military leave and have already established this PRE-ROLL CALL. Roll calls typically last one month, giving our members plenty of time to respond.

a). Being in other chapters of Legend-Gaming does not exempt you from roll calls and you will be removed from this chapter's roster even if you are currently active in another chapter.

b). As all roll call threads are "Force Read", we do not worry about members missing them. There is no excuse for not answering the roll call as the forums will force you to read it once a new one has been posted. This also goes for new members who were accepted after one was issued; just because you were accepted 24 hours before the end of a roll call, you are not exempt - as long as you are promoted before the end of the roll call, you are liable.

5. A general rule of thumb is a member who logs into the forums once every few days and makes a few posts now and then, should be ok. It is also very important that when emails are sent out announcing big posts (like official announcements and threads that require members' attention) that members visit them quickly. Leadership will tend to run activity checks within 24-48 hours of sending these emails. Also, official forum posting in our recruitment thread is required and will be held against you if you are not active there and are in a low activity situation.

Activity Requirements - Release and beyond (Begins at Release)

Section Four

1. All members of Legend Gaming and its chapters are susceptible to an activity requirement. This includes being in Team Speak whenever you're logged in game. Occasional exceptions can be made by submitting a request to not be in TS to an officer for approval. Reasons like (family is sleeping, not feel like it, and the like) will not be accepted as legitimate reasons for not being in TS. Members of Legend-Gaming must be active inside a department within a particular chapter. The activity officer of that chapter will, weekly, look over each member's activity and confer with department heads. If a member is found to be in violation of activity, they will receive a warning. If their activity does not improve, they will be removed from the chapter. If you are not a member of another chapter of Legend-Gaming, you will be dismissed from the entire community. Members removed due to inactivity may reapply in 30 days. If this occurs a second time within 6 months, that player is not eligible to rejoin Legend Gaming or any of its chapters.

a). As with pre-game, if you need to go out of town or real life gets the best of you, just let us know and you'll not lose rank or membership. But make sure to let us know BEFOREHAND.

2. If a member must leave town or take a leave of absence from the game for more then 10 days, he/she may send a private message to their chapter’s activity officer, letting him/her know they will be gone for vacation, real life, etc. This member will then become immune to activity requirements if the time gone does not exceed 30 days. If the member must go on military leave (deployed or for training), they are immune to activity requirements until they return.

3. Full officers within Legend Gaming chapters must log into game and perform their duties. Any officers who does not log in a minimum of 20 hours a week will be dismissed from that position.

4. Members failing the activity of a chapter will be removed from that chapter, but will remain a member of Legend Gaming so long as they remain active in another chapter. Members removed from a chapter are not eligible to rejoin that chapter for 30 days. This rule applies both to pre-release and post release chapters.

a). Members failing a chapter's activity three times will be permanently locked out of rejoining that chapter. Exceptions to this rule may be made if the member's current chapter is disbanded and the chapter they are locked out of is the only remaining chapter in the community.

5). Elders failing the activity of a chapter will be removed from that chapter. The elder may immediately rejoin the chapter, without waiting 30 days, the first time. Each subsequent time, the elder will have to wait 30 days to rejoin. This rule applies both to pre-release and post release chapters.

a). Elders failing the activity of a chapter, past the first initial warning, will receive a demerit. This demerit will persist on the elder's record for a period of 6 months and can only be removed if the elder does not fail a chapter's activity nor go inactive for 6 consecutive months. This demerit acts as a one month penalty to the elder's inactivity limits. For instance; if an elder receives a demerit, they automatically have a one month inactive penalty on their elder record, regardless of their activity. As such, that elder would only have 5 months they could go inactive and keep their membership. These demerits can and will stack up to six. When an elder receives their sixth demerit, they will be removed from Legend Gaming. Elders with demerits on their record are NOT eligible for High Elder promotions.

b). The Community Manager of Legend Gaming may use demerits as a punishment in certain instances against elders only, instead of or in conjunction with written warnings, demotions, or suspensions from the community. This punishment can be used at the community manager's discretion.

Guild Event Behavior

Section Five

1. Any member of Legend Gaming and its chapters who complains about loot distribution in chat, public forums, Team Speak, or any publicly-accessible area is subject to disciplinary action up to removal from the group/raid and suspension from further group/raid activities. The period of such a suspension will vary based upon the nature of the offense. The ruling of the Guild Leaders or their officers, as it pertains to loot distribution, is final in all Guild group or Raid environments. If a member feels their raid leader or the chapter's leadership is treating loot distribution unfairly, please schedule a meeting with the Legend Gaming Inner Sanctum and they will review your case. The loot system currently utilized by organized PvE raid teams is a mathematically-derived one predicated upon attendance, and is thus inherently free of bias.

2. Any member who purposely attempts to deceive his/her fellow guild-mates or leaders in a group setting of any kind for the sole purpose of getting treasure for himself/herself and withholding it from the guild will be removed from the group, PvP group, or PvE group immediately by the group leader. Such offenses will be sent to the guild leaders or their officers of the offending member's chapter. Punishment for this underhanded behavior can vary from warning to removal.

3. Any member who disregards, either purposefully or without intent, the commands issued by group leaders, officers, or the Raid Leaders in a raid/guild event environment is subject to removal from said event and a suspension from all PvE/PvP events. The length of such a suspension will vary depending on the severity of the offense.

4. Any member who joins a raid and then leaves out of disgust, frustration, or boredom will be suspended from further guild events by the Guild's officers, Leaders, or the Raid Leader. Real life can happen and if you need to leave, then let your Raid Leader know. If you're leaving because you're upset/bored/frustrated, you would be considered to be abandoning your fellow guild-mates, and you will be dealt with harshly. Please see the PvE section of the chapter forums for any further clarification on PvE matters.

Rights of Members in Legend Gaming

Section Six

1. Legend Gaming leadership, a chapter's leader, or a chapter's officers may remove anyone below the rank of Full Member. A Chapter leader and his/her officers may only remove trial members within their chapter.

2. Full members of Legend Gaming and officers/vice officers of a Legend Gaming chapter cannot be removed without a trial. A trial is set up by the Inner Sanctum of Legend Gaming or that particular chapter's leader and officers, depending on the situation. During this trial, the accused is allowed to come before the community's elders and tell their side of the story and defend themselves. A verdict is then reached by the elders - it is a democratic and vote-based process. All trials are proceeded over by the Community Manager, acting as judge.

a). Members of the Inner Sanctum or a chapter leader may initiate a trial by suspending a member for wrongdoing. The suspension can be no more than 72 hours and a trial must be scheduled in 72 hours. If the accused elects not to attend the trial, this is taken as an admission of guilt, and the offending member is removed from the roster. Suspended members will not have Team Speak or forum access until their trial is resolved and will have their guild chat privileges revoked. A chapter leader may only suspend members from his/her own chapter.

b). All members of Legend-Gaming may be removed from the community, without a trial, for lack of activity. This includes failing activity checks performed by a chapter leader, officer of activity, and/or the community manager. This also includes properly performed roll calls. The only members who are immune to activity removals are Elders (6 months) and High Elders (indefinitely).

c). Members may be removed from the community, without a trial, in the event of a Executive Override. This was implemented, by the Inner Sanctum, on 5/2/2013. In order for the Executive Override to be declared, the Inner Sanctum must meet and unanimously decide to declare it. Executive Override cannot last for more than 48 hours. The Inner Sanctum, during this 48 hour emergency period, may remove any member associated with the incident that caused the emergency to be declared. A thorough investigation must be done by the Inner Sanctum. Only members associated with the incident that caused the emergency to be declared may be removed, without trial. Once a Executive Override is declared, the Inner Sanctum must report all removals and the reason for those removals to the general membership via public post. It is in this post that the Executive Override is declared, once removals take place. In the Inner Sanctum quarters, the Inner Sanctum must keep a record of all members being investigated in this incident and Executive Override. In order for this rule to be implemented, major steps must be taken within the Inner Sanctum to aquire a unanimous approval vote from ALL chapter leaders, High Elders, and the Community Manager. A minimum of 2/3rds of the Inner Sanctum must be present to make this vote and the chapter leader of the chapter, in question, must be present.

3. In most cases of a member's failure to adhere to any rules mentioned in this document, a suspension will follow, except in the cases of warnings. If a member is being suspended for their failure to adhere to any of the rules in this document, the offending member is given a certain amount of time to defend themselves in front of the leadership or Inner Sanctum. Most of the time, the limit is 72 hours, to schedule a trial. Members who cannot make the trial within 72 hours may schedule the trial for up to 14 days in advance, but they will remain suspended for the entire duration until their trial is resolved.

4. A chapter leader may remove officers and vice officers from their position at their discretion. Removed officers return to their previous rank before obtaining officership unless outstanding circumstances exist. A department's head officer may remove a vice officer at will, unless overruled by the chapter leader. Vice officers removed from their position return to their original rank before promotion, unless outstanding circumstances exist.

5. Elders of Legend Gaming may vote on applicants inside every chapter.

6. Elders of Legend Gaming may attend all Inner Sanctum meetings. However, elders may not vote on issues in Inner Sanctum meetings.

Guild Diplomacy

Section Seven

1. Under no circumstances are members allowed to negotiate treaties or speak on behalf of their chapter or the Legend Gaming community, in diplomacy. Any member caught 'running their mouths' and attempting to speak for the chapter or community will be suspended and put on trial for removal, if they are the appropriate rank. Only the Chapter Leader(s), the Diplomacy officer (if one exists in the chapter), or his/her vice officers may conduct diplomatic business. If a member is contacted by another guild for diplomatic reasons, that member should send them to the Chapter Leaders, or the diplomacy officer or vice officer.

2. All Diplomatic matters and pleas should be brought to the Chapter Leader or Co-Leader. If it is a community diplomatic matter, diplomatic concerns should be brought to the Community Manager of Legend Gaming.

Role-Play Behavior

Section Eight

1. Members of Legend Gaming who wish to participate in role-play activities will not be made fun of, discriminated against, or treated any differently than other members. Members of Legend Gaming who mistreat role-players will receive a warning or be put on trial for removal, depending on the severity.

2. Members of Legend Gaming will not participate in any 'drama-inducing' type of storytelling on Legend Gaming property (forums, Team Speak, guild chat). The punishment for doing so will be a warning, first, and then after a warning is issued, if the incident (or a similar one) occurs again, a trial for removal will occur.

3. Cyber sex, intimate role-play, and other drama causing behavior associated with role-play will NOT be tolerated on Legend Gaming property (Forums, Team Speak, Guild chat). We cannot stop you from doing it via email or other messenger services, or privately in-game. We highly advise against this type of behaviour - years of experience have taught us how volatile it can become.

a). In our past chapters, we've seen a long list of problems occur from romantic relationships started between people in the community. Though we will not hinder such relationships and most certainly don't have a problem with them, we know that a majority of them start out via role-play and romantic in-character relationships. These relationships, the vast majority of the time, lead to one of the two parties taking it beyond their role-play and beginning to take it much too seriously, almost always leading to heartbreak and drama that the leadership has to clean up. If this happens it will be handled swiftly and in a simple manner by the chapter's leadership. Those involved will be given a choice. Either a). They talk out the problem and fix it. Or b). Whoever is causing the said problem will either voluntarily leave the guild or be made to leave the guild if they cannot "cut" the rope that ties them to the other individual.

Chapter Specific Rules

Section Nine

-Vokundein Only-

-Vokundein Only-

1. Members of Legend Gaming WILL be allowed to be members of other guilds in The Elder Scrolls Online for social roleplay and guild shop activity only. Members of Legend Gaming will not be allowed to participate in other guilds' events and/or activities when they conflict with Vokundein events. Those events can not conflict in scheduling, the pursuit of in-game achievements, or Vokundein's own success. For one example, Vokundein members cannot participate in our Cyrodiil campaign as a member of an opposing faction. Social roleplay guilds are defined as those which exist only as a way to find and group with other roleplayers. Above all, Vokundein members are expected to be active within Vokundein.

-Terminus Only-

1. All members are allowed to have one main character and three alternate characters within the guild. Members are not allowed to have any characters within the membership of other guilds. Joining another guild while currently a member of Terminus will result in CoC violations if found guilty.

Trials, suspensions, and warnings

Section Ten

***The following is the "correct" chain of events in the event of the code of conduct being violated:***

First Offense: If it is a basic breaking of the code of conduct, the offending member will be given a warning. Warnings are given by sending a pm AND email (BOTH). Additionally, the member shall be sat down in Team Speak and verbally warned, in the officer channels, by the chapter leadership. Lastly, the warning must be recorded via a warning log held in the Officer forums.

a). A member may request a record of their warnings at anytime. They are to only be shown their warnings. A member's warning record is private except to the chapter leadership and Legend Gaming leadership.

b). Members being warned do not have to be reported to the membership of Legend Gaming, though it can be. The leadership is encouraged to report warnings to those whom may have been wronged by the offending member's code of conduct violation(s).

c). Members who commit treasonous violations (if it's treasonous, it will be listed as such in the rule itself) should jump right to 2nd Offense at all times. Each treasonous violation counts as an offense. For instance, if a member commits two treasonous violations in one day, he/she will be on the 3rd offense. Depending on the severity of the treason(s), the offending member could earn a ride straight to the 4th offense. For example; stealing a lot of resources from the guild could result in going straight to the 4th offense as that person violated Rule 1- Section 1, Rule 3-Section 1, and Rule 2-Section 5.

This is one example of how one act can break several rules. In this example, the offending member would skip straight to the 4th Offense. At the end of the day, it is up to the trial overseers to determine the severity of the crime(s) committed and which offense they may or may not receive.

2nd Offense: If the offending member has received a warning for this type of behavior before (i.e. they broke the same rule they've been warned for, or are breaking a similar one), they are to be suspended from the guild for 3 days. This suspension may last for up to 14 days, see Section 6, Rule 3 for more details. During this 3 day suspension, the member must respond to the trial request from leadership. If the member fails to schedule a trial within 3 days, he/she is considered guilty and removed from the chapter and community. We feel that if a member is not willing to defend themselves, they should not be here. If a trial is held and the offending member is found guilty, they are to be handed a demotion to trial status. They will need to re-earn their full membership. This punishment must be handed out, verbally, in Team Speak by the Chapter Leader or a member of the chapter's officer core, at the end of the trial.

3rd Offense: If an offending member reaches the 3rd offense and is still in trial status from his/her's previous demotion at the 2nd offense, they can be removed from the guild without trial due to their trial status. However, if they've regained full membership and once again break a code of conduct rule (regardless of the rule) and it's been within 90 days of their demotion, they are to be suspended for 3 days. This suspension may last for up to 14 days, see Section 6, Rule 3 for more details. During this 3 day suspension, the member must respond to a trial request by leadership. If the member fails to schedule a trial within 2 days, he/she is considered guilty and they are removed from the community. If a trial is held and the offending member is found guilty, they are to be removed from the community.

a). Members must be informed of the offending member's guilt and punishment. They are to be informed by a topic made in the Guild news forum. This topic is to include a post, made by an officer, a member of the Inner Sanctum, or the chapter Leader(s), with in depth details of what rules were broken, a recording of the trial (if one was made), and why they were demoted. The topic will be locked and left there until it is old enough to be placed in Archives.

b).Someone found guilty and sentenced to removal from the community may appeal their removal to the Inner Sanctum of Legend-Gaming by emailing Drahl/Zurual. If the trial was conducted by the Inner Sanctum, in cases of Elder trials, no appeal may be made.

c). A member may appeal the results of their trial to the Inner Sanctum if they do not believe they received a fair trial. The Inner Sanctum will meet and consider this appeal. If the Inner Sanctum believes the trial was conducted properly, the appeal will be denied. If the Inner Sanctum believes the trial was conducted improperly, the appeal will be accepted and a retrial will be initiated with the Inner Sanctum acting as jurors.

4th Offense: As rare as it may be, some members may commit so many offenses in one day and/or commit them so severely that simple removal from the guild is not enough punishment. In instances like these, the member is suspended from the guild for 3 days. This suspension may last for up to 14 days, see Section 6, Rule 3 for more details .During this 3 day suspension, the member must respond to the trial request by leadership. If the member fails to schedule a trial within 3 days, he/she is considered guilty and they are permanently banned from the community. If a trial is held and the offending member is found guilty, they are permanently banned from the community.

a). Someone found guilty and sentenced to a full ban may appeal their banning to the Inner Sanctum of Legend-Gaming by emailing Drahl/Zurual. Full bans issued by the Inner Sanctum cannot be appealed.

b). All bannings must be properly announced to the membership with "IN DEPTH" details given. It is not required, but promoted, that a recording of the trial be presented to the membership as well. This is to be announced to the membership by transferring their application from "Accepted" to a special "Banned" sub forum. All replies to this application will be deleted and a simple reply with in depth details, what rules were broken, a recording of the trial (if one was made), and why they were banned will be made in the topic. The topic will then be closed and locked. The banned forum is open to all full members for viewing ONLY. This has always been the rule, dating back to Hand of Set. This process is a "REQUIREMENT" of Legend-Gaming.


1). All full members of Legend Gaming have a right to a trial, conducted in Team Speak, where their fate is decided by a jury composed of their peers. This jury shall be as impartial as we can make it.

2). Once a member is suspended, a trial email will be dispatched to their registration email address. This email will explain, in depth, the entire trial procedure AND give a detailed explanation of the charges levied against them. The suspended member will have 48 hours to follow the directions of the trial email. If the suspended member does not follow the directions of the trial email, within 48 hours, they will forfeit the right to trial and be automatically banished from LG.

3). The Inner Sanctum of Legend Gaming may deny a member's right to trial. In order for this to occur, the Inner Sanctum must vote, during a emergency Inner Sanctum meeting, to deny the trial. This vote must be unanimous. Trial may be denied based upon the following circumstances:

a - The person breaks the CoC while suspended and waiting for trial.

b - The person has demonstrated behavior that leads the council to believe they are making a mockery of the trial process, have no intention of remaining with Legend Gaming if found innocent, or wants a trial to simply waste Legend Gaming's time.

c - The person has a long, documented history of CoC violations, suspensions, and disruptive behavior.

d - The person discusses their suspension and/or trial with a member of LG, other than the chapter leader or members of the Inner Sanctum. However, this does not mean suspended members cannot associate with LG Members. They simply cannot discuss their suspension and the upcoming trial. This prevents involving other LG members in possible drama.

4). The trial email sent to a suspended member *MUST* include a reminder of these points and inform suspended member that his/her right to trial will be waived if he/she commits any of the above offenses while being suspended.

5). The above points will require absolute proof and must be posted with the trial cancellation notice and pronouncement of guilt. If a member is denied trial, based upon the above points, they will automatically receive a full ban from LG.

6). Members do not have the right to attend trials unless they are witnesses.

7). Suspended members may only call a maximum of four witnesses.

8). In trials, the Elders of Legend Gaming will act as the jury. In cases where an Elder is on trial, the Inner Sanctum will act as the jury. There must be a minimum of five jurors in each trial. If there are not enough impartial elders for a trial, the community manager will fill the jury with full members of Legend Gaming or Inner Sanctum members. The Community Manager will prioritize the selection of jurors and attempt to choose impartial jurors from opposite chapters of the defendant.

9). If a member cannot make their trial within 2 days, they may extend their suspension for up to 14 days while they are on vacation, out of town, etc. and schedule a trial for when they return. If, however, that member is caught online or it is found out they truly did not need the extension, they will forfeit their right to trial and be banished from Legend Gaming.

10). Once a trial is concluded, if the offending member is found innocent, all records of their crime (announcements made to the guild) will be deleted. Records are NOT kept of innocent members.

11). Once a trial is concluded, if the offending member is found guilty, the punishment is handed out at the trial. If the member is removed from the guild, their Team Speak account is deleted immediately after they are informed of the punishment and their ban on the forums (via the suspension) is lifted while they are demoted to visitor status. If a full ban is issued, their Team Speak account is deleted immediately, after they are informed of the punishment, and their ban on the forums (via the suspension) is made permanent.

12). Once a trial is concluded, if the offending member is found guilty and feels he/she was not given a fair trial, they may appeal the decision to the Inner Sanctum. If the Inner Sanctum finds fault with the way the trial was conducted, it will allow a retrial with the Inner Sanctum being the jury. If the Inner Sanctum finds the trial was conducted properly and the judgment was fair, it will deny the appeal. There can be no appeals beyond the Inner Sanctum of Legend-Gaming. If an appeal is made to the Inner Sanctum, 48 hours will be the normal time it takes us to consider the appeal's merit. The defendant must make their appeal, to the Inner Sanctum, within 24 hours of the trial's conclusion. This appeal must be emailed to the Community Manager of Legend Gaming.

High Elders, Elders, Chapter Leaders/Officers, and the Inner Sanctum

Section Eleven

1). The Inner Sanctum of Legend Gaming shall be the ruling body of the entire community. The Inner Sanctum shall be composed of each chapter's leader, a representative from each chapter (chosen by the chapter leader), and High Elders. The Inner Sanctum shall have ultimate authority, as a body, in all community and chapter matters. The Inner Sanctum is ultimately responsible for upholding the code of conduct in all chapters of Legend Gaming. The Inner Sanctum shall also act as the highest court, hearing appeals from members if they believe the elder trial (outlined in the trial subsection of Section 10) was conducted improperly. The leader of the Inner Sanctum is known as the Community Manager.

a). The Inner Sanctum shall meet, periodically, to discuss community matters. All meetings are conducted by the Community Manager and are held in a very strict and formal format. All Inner Sanctum meetings are recorded. A summary posting and copy of the meeting recording are to be made available to the membership, in the Legend Gaming Network forums, after the meeting is concluded.

2. Elders are members of the community who have shown prolonged and consistent dedication to the Legend Gaming Community. Most members whom have not failed an activity check, have been consistently active in one or more chapters, have a clean conduct record, and have been with the community for two years or more will be added to the list of potential Elders. The Community Manager will look over the list, periodically, and promote those he/she believes is most deserving. An Elder can only be promoted by the Community Manager of Legend Gaming. The Community Manager may use his/her discretion in promoting Elders.

a). Elders shall be immune to removal from the community, due to inactivity, for a period of six months. When an elder is neither currently active in a chapter nor active in the community as a whole, the Community Manager shall begin keeping track of their time. When their inactivity reaches six months, the Elder's title is stripped and he/she is removed from Legend Gaming. Elders removed from Legend Gaming, due to inactivity after six months, may reapply to the community in 30 days. If they are accepted, their seniority begins again at zero.

b). Elders may participate in the recruitment process, in each chapter, as if they were an officer. This means elders may vote on applicants, attend interviews, and vote on probationary members (if the chapter uses a trial member vote system). Elders are only given access to the Recruitment forums, inside the officer forums, for purposes of participating in the recruitment process. Elders do NOT have officer powers and shall not be able to view/participate in the officer forums.

c). Elders may attend Inner Sanctum meetings. Elders need not RSVP or contact the Inner Sanctum with their desire to attend. All Inner Sanctum meetings shall be announced in the Elder forums, only viewable by Elders. Elders cannot vote on petitions or motions inside the meeting. However, the Community Manager may open the floor to Elders, prior to a vote, in order for them to advise the Inner Sanctum on the issue.

3. High Elder is the highest rank achievable by any member of Legend Gaming. High Elders represent the purest form of excellence and dedication inside the community. High Elders exemplify the perfect community member. A member earning this rank has shown extreme dedication, remarkable dedication, and unshakable loyalty to the community. This position is only granted to those individuals who show great leadership abilities, possess strong seniority in the community, have been active in a leadership/officer role in a chapter, and that are extremely active in all community affairs.

a). High Elders shall be promoted by the Inner Sanctum of Legend Gaming. A unanimous vote, by all Inner Sanctum members, is required to promote a member to the rank of High Elder. In order for a member to be considered for High Elder, he/she must be an active Elder in good standing within the community. Typically, Elders who have diligently completed their elder duties, remained active in a chapter, and served as an elder for more than a year, can be considered for this prestigious promotion. Any Inner Sanctum member may put forth a motion recommending an elder be promoted to the rank of High Elder. The Inner Sanctum shall vote on the candidate and if a unanimous vote is reached, the candidate will become a High Elder.

b). High Elders are permanent members of Legend Gaming. High Elders can never be removed from the community due to inactivity. High Elders can never lose their rank or seniority due to inactivity.

c). High Elders are considered automatic officers in all Legend Gaming chapters. They do not necessarily need to perform an officer role nor run a department.

d). High Elders are permanent members of the Inner Sanctum, the ruling body of Legend Gaming.

4. The Community Manager of Legend Gaming shall perform all administrative functions, oversee all Inner Sanctum meetings, and act as a judge in all community trials. The Community Manager shall also manage the community's finances. The Community Manager shall be considered the head of the Inner Sanctum and as such, head of Legend Gaming.

a). The Community Manager shall serve, indefinitely, until he/she steps down from the post. The Community Manager position is held by the most senior High Elder of the Inner Sanctum. If the most senior High Elder of the Inner Sanctum is unwilling to serve as Community Manager, the next in line is offered the position. A reigning Community Manager can be removed from their position only if a more senior High Elder wishes to serve in the position. The current seniority list in the Inner Sanctum is; Sana/Sanakhti, Zurual Drahl (current Community Manager), Xenith, Praetorian, and Akoti.

b). The Community Manager acts as a tiebreaker vote in all Inner Sanctum decisions. If there is a tie, the Community Manager's vote shall count as two to break the tie.

c). The Community Manager may use his/her veto power in the following votes; A vote to remove a High Elder from the Inner Sanctum, a vote to remove/demote a chapter leader, and a vote to add/remove a chapter from the community. These veto powers are also outlined in the LG Charter.

d). The Community Manager shall act as a judge in all community member trials. If the Community Manager chooses to appoint another judge to oversee a trial, he/she may do so at their discretion. All community member trials are jury trials. The judge acts as an overseer and referee in all trials.

5. Chapter Leaders are responsible for all activity inside their chapter. It is a chapter leader's responsibility to oversee all departmental functions and to ensure all LG policy is being followed, as it pertains to a chapter's day to day activities. Chapter Leaders shall be given automatic membership to the Inner Sanctum, so long as they remain the chapter leader of a LG chapter. Chapter leaders are charged with enforcing all Legend Gaming policies and maintaining Legend Gaming standards in their chapter. Failure to do this will result in the chapter leader's dismissal from their position.

a). Each chapter of Legend Gaming shall have ONE chapter lead (Vokundein grandfathered in with two leaders until one is removed or resigns). The chapter leader will choose an assistant which will act as their chapter's second Inner Sanctum representative. Each chapter will have two positions on the Inner Sanctum. One position will be held by the chapter leader and the second shall be held by their assistant, whom the chapter leader shall choose at will. This representative, once picked, cannot be replaced without Inner Sanctum approval.

b). In all chapter decisions and discussions; the chapter leader's decisions are final and cannot be overruled unless by Inner Sanctum vote.

c). The Community Manager may temporarily suspend a chapter leader, to prevent a 'out of control' action, which 'grossly' violates Legend Gaming policy. This suspension is simply a temporary removal of the leader from their position and a Inner Sanctum meeting must be scheduled, within 24 hours, of the suspension. In the event of a suspension, the assistant shall perform chapter leader functions until the suspension is resolved by the Inner Sanctum. It shall be noted that such an action, taken by the Community Manager, shall only be done in the most extreme situations and will NOT be taken lightly by the Inner Sanctum. This is the reason for 'out of control' and 'grossly' wording.

6. Chapters shall consist of Officers which will run various departments within the chapter. Officers shall be allowed to pick assistants to be their vice officers. The chapter leader will decide how many vice officers a department may have, but the department's officers may then pick these at will and replace them at will. Guild officers and vice officers shall be responsible for their department, departmental duties, and enforcing the code of conduct. Officers in departments that observe CoC violations or blatant Legend Gaming policy violations are 'required' to act. Failure to do so will lead to disciplinary action taken by the Chapter Leader or Inner Sanctum of Legend Gaming.

a). The recruitment department shall be in charge of all disciplinary actions and will be in charge of issuing all CoC charges and upholding the CoC's correct chain of events, per Section 10.

b). Department leaders, other than recruitment, shall immediately do what is required to resolve any code of conduct violation incident. Once the situation is calm, the department leader or vice officer shall present all records of the incident to the recruitment department for final evaluation and final action. The chapter leader shall be informed, immediately, of any code of conduct incident sent to the recruitment department for review.

c). Department leaders may immediately remove a member from the guild, the forums, and/or Team Speak if the member is displaying extremely disruptive behavior and will not stop. This action may only be taken after the department leader has made numerous attempts to calm the subject down and calm the situation. The department leader 'must' immediately inform the recruitment department leader and chapter leader of the incident. The department leader will present evidence which shall back his/her decision to remove this member. At this time, the recruitment department leader or chapter leader shall make the appropriate charges public and follow suspension protocol. This subsection is designed to give department leaders the ability to remove members when that member's behavior is extremely disruptive and waiting for an official suspension would greatly hurt guild stability.

*** These rules are a result of over two decades of Leadership experience by EACH of our leaders in the Legend-Gaming Community. We know they work. If you don't like them or disagree with them, do not join us; we will simply stare at you in bemusement if you join us, proceed to get in trouble despite having had to read these rules, and then state that our rules are ridiculous. If you think that any of our rules are unfair or completely nonsensical, it is best that you do not join us .These rules create the best environment for fun, for all members, in our experience.***

**These rules are subject to change by the Leadership of Legend Gaming, pending Inner Sanctum approval. Any change to the rules above must be posted immediately and are not in effect until the membership is informed of said changes via email, pm, or reply in this topic.**

***All applicants are required to read this code and fully understand AND agree with it before being accepted. The excuse, "I didn't know" will NEVER be accepted. By applying to Legend Gaming, you agree to adhere to the Code of Conduct***

*Originally written February 15th, 2009 by the founder of Legend Gaming, Drahl.*

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