1. Turning the Corner!

    What a whirlwind the last few months have been both for Crowfall and for Ascendance!

    To start, there has been a shake-up in the leadership of Ascendance with Diz moving from the Head of Diplomacy to Chapter Leader. Allastair has retired from Ascendance and Legend Gaming to focus on the significant changes in his life including the birth of a child (Congrats Allastair!!!). We are all eternally grateful for everything Allastair has done for both LG and Ascendance specifically, having created this Chapter that we call home and setting the foundations for success. It is largely due to his early efforts that Ascendance is able to transition into new leadership seamlessly and continue to prepare to extend Legend Gaming’s history of success to Crowfall.

    With change comes opportunity, and with the recent shake-up combined with the news surrounding 5.3 Ascendance has renewed vigor as our members are anxious to get back into testing and learning the deeper mechanics of the game. While we anticipate the 5.3 patch hitting the Live Servers sometime soon, likely early January, activities around the guild have picked up with a little friendly competition in Overwatch as we wait.

    Crowfall has also undergone some rather significant changes as the previously announced Race/Class split has been implemented and Action Harvesting has hit the scene. Additionally, more information has been released regarding the Half-Elf. Other fundamental changes have also occurred with notable updates to the UI including new character, inventory and equipment panes.

    In other HUGE news, Crowfall has turned a corner in development and is retiring the pledge-based system relying on crowdfunding, to truly looking towards release and opening up Pre-Orders. As of the end of the year, pledge packages will be retired. ACE is now openly talking about the move to Beta and subsequent release as their pace quickens in wrapping up the last stages of development. For those watching closely over the last 2 years, this doesn’t come as a surprise as they had an early focus on building the foundation of the game early specifically to allow for rapid development in the later stages for classes, races, abilities, etc.

    The 5.3 release will be on the Live Servers soon, and Ascendance will be ready to tear into the new content and begin our drive into the upcoming Beta!

    See you all there!

  2. A long overdue update

    It's been a ridiculously long couple of months since the last update. An incredible amount of changes to the game have occurred, leading to what is believed to be a better Crowfall. Currently Crowfall is accessible by anyone with Beta 1 access or greater. It's playable on 2 different fronts, a LIVE server and a TEST server. Obviously the LIVE server is far more stable, and is recommended for most Crows to use. So what has changed? Too much to cover here, for sure, but we'll hit a couple of highlights.

    ArtCraft Studios continues to produce dramatic updates and changes at an incredible speed. Faction Campaign system is up and running, allowing players the chances to take part in a 3 way combat. Did we mention that you'll be utilizing the siege mechanics to take down forts? That's right, those siege mechanics we played with back in Siege Perilous so many months ago are back in the game alongside the other changes that have been pushed to the game since its' debut. Outside of the traditional optimizations, ArtCraft is testing out its campaign worlds like never before. 24/7 servers are closer to release and are going to likely represent the start of Alpha testing. We expect true alpha to hit when the game is ready for a real campaign.

    Among the changes that have occurred, announcements regarding a Race/Class split, a skill system overhaul, introduction of how VIP will play a role towards the skill training and much more. Many of us have been out testing the new systems and would welcome anyone to further discuss this on the forums. There's definitely more detail behind all of this than we can hit on here, so feel free to visit our forums and let us know what you think of these changes and ask any questions you might have!

  3. Crow Hunting

    It's been a couple of weeks, so it's time for another news post. Crowfall development has continued on at a breakneck pace, and we've seen some great things recently: a critical system has come online, an old archetype got an update, a new archetype is playtest ready, and the EKs are just over the horizon. Let's jump in.

    January ended with us getting our first looks at the Crow system. For those that don't know, in Crowfall the player characters are actually these immortal Crows that can inhabit vessels in order to fight over the dying worlds. First, I think the animation and art for the Crows is excellent, and the way the temples were implemented is pretty outstanding as well. The functionality of the temples and how you select the vessel you want is really solid, and while it's not impossible to camp a temple and kill people shortly after they spawn, there are some protections in place. They also put protections in place to prevent people from just flying around the whole map as a crow scouting while invisible and invincible.

    February kicked off with the old and dusty Knight getting a little polish on it's armor. The Knight was the first archetype put into the game, and so it's abilities had the oldest tech and the oldest ideas. The team found a gap in the development cycle and went back to retouch the Knight's skillset. They revamped the knights resource usage, changed block to make it more interesting, and added several new functions to old abilities like shield slam. They also introduced a new shield bash ability that fills some of the void the Knight had with ready access to status effects - the Knight had a lot of abilities that inflicted status effects before, but they were all two or three attacks deep on their tree. They've decided now to transition a lot of powers to a ready-activation after a certain number of consecutive hits from the left click, rather than strictly adding the effect to the third attack in a sequence. I think this adds more player choice and can help make combat feel more strategic long-term.

    Speaking of archetypes, the Templar is ready for testing. The Templar abilities, at least right now, look to be a nice blend of zerg-buster and synergies with the Confessor. The one-two punch introduced by the interaction of their abilities is something that, at least to me, was unexpected but also welcome. It will make group composition down the road more interesting and introduce more choices and utility for a class that was originally thought to strictly be a glass cannon in the Confessor. It was scheduled to debut in the playtest this very weekend, but that test was called off due to performance issues in the current test build.

    Finally, the Eternal Kingdoms don't seem to be far off. The team is planning to jump straight to giving us the tools to customize our EKs however we want, as well as giving us access to parcels we've acquired through the store. I don't fully know why, but I'm looking forward to the EKs being in game. We ultimately don't know a ton about how the EKs will function in conjunction with the dying world campaigns, but with the current dev team in place I suspect there will be some critical functionality there.

    Well, that's it for this update. Jump in and tell us what you think, whether you agree or disagree there's plenty happening for some conversations!

  4. Ascendance and Crowfall

    As we ended 2016 and dove into 2017 we have seen a lot of updates coming with regard to the development of Crowfall and how the game is shaping up. First though, let's look at the progress of ArtCraft Entertainment's Title III investment opportunity.

    ACE was invited to participate in an investment opportunity via MicroVentures and Indiegogo. This presents an opportunity for regular people to actually purchase and own shares in the company and not just prepurchase game packages. It's an interesting concept and is among the first of its kind. As of this morning $384,000 has been raised through the offering. They've released some very interesting stretch goals as exclusive rewards through this offering as well - hopefully we'll get to see some of those around the EKs soon.

    ACE has initiated a couple of sales for EK add-ons: parcels and houses. The parcels are the first we've seen of the way we'll be able to obtain resources inside our EKs. While they will be the lowest tier resources available, they will likely help with adding onto the EKs and for some campaigns will provide a way to at least enter the world with basic gear to start.

    The ACE Q&A for January covered a lot of territory, and instead of just rehashing it here, I'll post a link instead. This Q&A featured @doggett3d as a fill-in for Thomas Blair. One of the highlights is that the current goal is to have 2,000 concurrent players on each campaign world. Also, a warning - there's a spoiler for Highlander 4 in here, in case you haven't seen that movie and care...

    The final two pieces that are really exciting for the state of the game are the first look at the Templar archetype and the first pass at the Import/Export system. The continued development of the remaining archetypes is really exciting, because each one that is developed introduces new systems and options to the game, and brings us closer to seeing the full variety of skills in the game. It also brings us closer to some balance passes which should make all the archetypes feel viable. The Templar is being designed with some Confessor synergies, and looks like it has several abilities to discourage mass grouping.

    The import/export gives us a special "Sprit Bank" that, after some time passes, saves the items and can allow them to be moved between worlds. This is a great step towards the final embargo rules that will enable us to loot and pillage the campaign worlds and ultimately move valuable resources into our EKs to serve other purposes.

    Ultimately, Ascendance remains incredibly excited for where this game is going in 2017 and we're planning to continue playtesting and enjoying our time on the test servers. We're also hopeful for the basic development to reach a point where we enter true alpha and maybe beta as well so we can see the real framework of the campaign worlds and the EKs come together. Here's to an eventful 2017!

  5. Customization, Investments, and new Parcels

    It's been a while since I put one of these together, but development marches on and the changes keep coming. One of the biggest developments has been ArtCraft's invitation from Indiegogo to take part in a new program that allows regular people to actually invest in the company and not just pre-purchase the game with some perks. This means that you can actually own a part of ArtCraft if you're willing to put in the money for it. This new campaign offers new and different stretch goals that are separate from the original KickStarter campaign goals. If you're interested, head over to this site and check out the campaign.

    We recently got an update on character customization, and it looks like we're getting a lot more than we were originally told to expect. Everyone I've spoken with seems very satisfied with the introductory level of options, and it looks like this sets the system up for success. While the number of options isn't limitless, there's a good variety and there are clearly more things that can be added on in the future. This is a good direction for them and will help even these dying worlds feel more alive and vibrant when we get in and start vying for domination.

    The last thing I want to touch on is the developments being made with the world maps and the new parcels being offered. The developers keep working on how the parcels stitch together and are moving ever closer to truly random map generation. We've moved from a single cloned map for all servers to unique maps on each server. They've also announced that the embargo system for moving resources from the campaign worlds to the eternal kingdoms is coming "sooner than you think". They've also offered a look at the kinds of resources that will be available in the EKs (the lowest tier) and how some of the parcels will provide those resources with the newest offerings in the holiday sale.

    All in all we're pleased with the progress and the direction the team continues to take the game. For more information on recent and upcoming changes, check out the December Q&A video. If you'd like to discuss these changes, stop by our forums and join in the conversation.

  6. Big World is coming!

    That's right, if you have been following the news you know that last week ACE has informed us of the next testing phase. Crowfall will be moving on from the Hunger Dome format and beginning to shape itself up to be the game we all want to play: a permanent world MMORPG where we fight for territory and resources. In addition to the article, Todd and Thomas Blair explain it to us in the Octorber Q&A more details about such world. If you missed it, see below:

    This information came out right in time for the Ascendance Guild meeting that took place on October 17th. In it we talked about all the potential activities we will have in the big world when it is up and also coordinated with each other so we can test the game and provide ACE with detailed feedback. We talked about some guild statistics and numbers. Allastair explained what these numbers meant to all membership and also talked about the leadership's expectations for the future, reinforcing the standard of excellence that all Legend Gaming chapters always strive for.

    We have a new challenge ahead of us, to test the game and also manage to have some fun while doing it. .And even though Thomas and Todd themselves say that this update is not exciting, the Ascendance folks couldn't be more excited. We will finally get to play in a permanent world with each other without being herded to the center of the map in a castle to fight until death. There will be time to check out archetype skills and game bugs with ease, perform controlled tests, maybe some duels.

    See you all in testing folks!

  7. Allastair is back! It's meeting time!

    We are thrilled to announce that our guild leader Allastair has returned from the depths of his RL and move to Europe in full steam! We will have our full team of officers as we move into the mini-campaign testing that ACE is planning for Crowfall at the end of October. Lot of news were released in the past couple weeks, including the details in the Harvesting system in this article.

    We are hoping to see these harvest mechanics in those mini-campaign tests, and hopefully more fleshed out crafting and skill progression systems as well.

    In preparation for these more permanent tests Ascendance has a guild meeting schedule for October 17th. We will make sure the membership is informed about everything, that we all know what is coming and what is expected of each member. We plan on having a constant presence in these tests to ensure ACE gets tons of feedback and slowly mold Crowfall into the game we all want it to be.

    Meanwhile recruitment continues, we are open and accepting applications as usual. it should be exciting to see how the various guilds and players will interact with each other when the tests are longer than 15 minute matches and the servers stay up for days and weeks. Stay tuned for more news!

  8. Strongholds and Diversity

    As we've come to expect, the past couple of weeks have been chock full of changes, releases, and events. As usual, I'm going to do my best to recap it without overlooking too much.

    First, though, a big thanks to Keaggan and the rest of the team running the [Un]Official Crowfall Community Discord server. They hosted a 24 hour Guild Fair complete with give-aways and a whole lot of hanging out and getting to know the community a bit. It was a good time and a great chance to talk to other community members and find out what they're looking forward to in the game. Hopefully, this was the first of many. The Discord is up and populated most all the time; drop in and check it out.

    To start things off, we were given a new video showcasing the Myrmidon's powers and FX.

    Since that time, the Myrmidon has been introduced to playtesting and has joined the other player-ready archetypes in the Hungerdome. Presumably, if Siege Perilous is reopened, it will be playable there as well. This archetype looks awesome and really captures the essence of the proposed playstyle well.

    While we're on the topic of Archetypes, two other bits of news were introduced recently. First saw the introduction of the Guinnecean Duelist. This is a specialist archetype, and I know we've got several people interested in what this little guy will be able to do.

    The second bit is the introduction of gender variants for all Archetypes. This was not originally in the scope of the development due to the required additional art assets and animation necessary, but over time the team decided that the investment of resources would be worth it and decided to do this because of community demand. It's a change that doesn't really affect game play, but could go a long way towards creating a more vibrant world. The art released so far looks really good, as usual, and maintains the same aesthetic stylings of the original archetype versions.

    The final bit of news covers changes to strongholds. The decision was made to break the strongholds into their component pieces and allow full flexibility in how we, the players, construct our strongholds and towns. As part of this decision, however, it was determined that the value of these strongholds needed to increase. As a result, some items in the packages were flagged for redemption on the store, and then those credits could be applied towards bigger strongholds. Many people took advantage of this and upgraded their strongholds accordingly. Effective 9/1, the prices did increase dramatically. A recap was posted touching on many of these aspects of the sale and updated pricing, but also released is the fact that the 2017 backer packages are being pushed forward effective October. These will be the last backer pledges offered before moving to a traditional pre-purchase model.

    As part of all the stronghold news and changes, there was a live stream event that covered parcels creation, and touched on building placement. One bit of news that slipped out is that each parcel and each EK will have a maximum number of buildings and features that can be placed in them. It will be interesting to see how this is ultimately balanced out. Following this, a Stronghold 411 was released as a sort of FAQ covering stronghold questions. They also released some concept art of the larger strongholds, and in my opinion these look incredible. Hopefully the in-game versions are just as impressive.

    I'll leave you with a shot of the Mountain Citadel concept art, but I'm curious: what are your thoughts on the changes? Drop in and let us know!

  9. Fantastic Beasts...

    As always seems to be the case with this dev team, the news has been flowing at a steady pace the past two weeks. This update brings us a list of current development priorities, the next Archetype in the pipeline, a new ACE Q&A, an upcoming Crowfall LIVE! event, and the launch of the bestiary. Let's jump right in.

    Possibly the biggest news was the Founder's Update which detailed a shift in the milestones and looked at the next Archetype coming - the Duelist. The short version is that they have decided to start tackling some of the big MMO necessary tasks that will enable large games with many concurrent players. There is quite a list of things in the article, and it's split out by priority. This is all parallel to the 'live game service' development, meaning they still intend to implement ballista construction, a new catapult, and the Myrmidon to Siege Perilous and the Hunger Dome, so anyone that's like me and is ready to play the Raging Bull should get their chance before too long.

    The ACE Q&A this month looked at several topics of interest to many of us. Some of the highlights:

    • Falling blocks will damage players
    • No immediate plans for blueprints, but possible in the future
    • On death, the Crow goes to the nearest graveyard. You can pray to bring your vessel back (with major decay and time consumption), fly to your vessel (hope it's still there), take over a new vessel
    • Export/Import embargoes are not set
    • POIs (like mines) are not subject to capture, you can just walk up and take the resources it generates

    August 18 ACE will be hosting a new installment of Crowfall Live! that will be split into two sessions. In the first Jon O'Neal, lead environment artist, will be demonstrating how parcels are created and how environmental effects are added and combined to create the finished parcel. The second session will be hosted by Billy Garretsen, UX Design Lead, who will demonstrate how he works with the parcels to create the iconized versions that are used with the building tools. The event will be streamed on the official Crowfall Twitch channel starting at 12 Noon Eastern Time.

    The final bit of news is the launch of the Crowfall Bestiary. It's pretty basic at this point, with some concept art and a bit of lore for each creature. Eventually there may be more information provided for each entry, but for now it gives us a snapshot of things to come.

    So, development continues with an eye on the big picture. Pleased? Dissatisfied? Join us in the forums and let us know. For now, I'll just leave this here.

  10. Counter Siege - To Build a Ballista

    It's been a few weeks since we last posted news, but development at ACE has continued to march forward. Crowfall continues to look more and more like the multiplayer throne war vision that has been shared. While there have been delays to address needed changes, the pieces are slowly coming together.

    One piece I'm excited for is gender variants. Originally the archetypes were planned to be gender locked, but the decision was made to offer additional flexibility in this regard. While this definitely comes with a cost, giving players the ability to play with the character identity they want is probably worth it. It will also double the diversity of the archetypes allowing for a more vibrant looking world.

    We also got an introduction to the combat disciplines during the Crowfall Live event. Disciplines will provide significant customization for the archetypes and may add additional abilities, enhance existing abilities, or allow the summoning of pets. There will be disciplines for crafting and exploration as well as combat, and I'm really looking forward to seeing the types of things these will allow us to do.

    The ACE July Q&A touched on several topics including some updates on the Myrmidon, the Ballista, and the Kingdom and Campaign building tool. The Myrmidon and Ballista are being prepped for Siege Perilous (more on the Ballista below), while the building tool is planned for updating and will be the same tool we get eventually for designing and maintaining our Eternal Kingdoms. While some challenges have been encountered with blending and making the parcels work as originally intended, it's progressing and I'm excited to see the way we get to interface with our kingdoms. Other things in the works are harvesting, building templates, and ultimately the "big world" version of the game, where we can have hundreds of players live in-game together.

    There were two updates posted for building the ballista located here and here. A few things stand out from these videos:

    • Building seige weapons will have a cost. Exactly what will be required isn't known yet, but likely you will be required to have some raw materials with you to build these.
    • There will be several types of ballistae to choose from. Each will have a different skill set - that's right, we won't just be spamming a default "shot" while manning these, but will have special abilities to use to break the siege.
    • Creating a siege weapon will not be instantaneous. It likely won't even be quick, but will require time to construct. It's unknown if the construction can be stopped or delayed by incoming damage at this time, but you probably don't want to wait until you're under fire to get your countersiege in place.
    • The construction animations look like they'll be pretty immersive. It'll become pretty obvious how far progressed a construction project is to everyone around based on the visuals.

    For the first introduction to Siege Perilous the building time has been greatly reduced, and the cost set to 0 since we don't have any crafting or gathering in-game at the moment. I'm excited to see how this changes the game, and ultimately what the costs will be set to and how that could impact the game's economy. If siege wepons take a lot of resources, gathering experts could be in high demand to fuel the war machine - quite literally.

    Personally, I'm excited for this continued development. I love what they're doing with the siege weapons, and am excited to try out the ballista in-game. What I'm really ready for, though, is the campaign world testing that's been promised as being on the horizon. That's when the game will really start to feel like it's coming together in reality. What do you think? Join us in our forums to be part of the conversation.

  11. Recruiting and Game Elements News

    The news keeps coming in, and things keep looking better and better for Crowfall. We're excited about the continued development of the game and are anxiously awaiting our opportunity to get in and test some of the new features. Before we look at the new elements, some Ascendance news.

    First, congratulations are in order for Lisilas. Lisilas stepped forward and answered the call to become Ascendance's new Head of Recruitment. In this role he will oversee our recruiting efforts, interview new applicants, and guide prospects through the trial process. Lisilas has served as a recruiting officer previously in our TESO chapter, Vokundein (now a client guild), and is very capable of handling this important task.

    Second, Ascendance was recently featured in the Crows of a Feather Guild Spotlight section of the official Crowfall newsletter, As the Crow Flies. We've already seen some new applicants come in since this feature published, and we welcome the new additions.

    In game-related news, these last two weeks have shown us several very intersting things. First up is the first look at harvesting. The system in development looks great overall, but there has been some dissent over the need for a tool that doesn't seem to be used in the process. The full article includes concept art for some of the types of nodes as well as some of the environments that gathering likely will take place in or which will be used to process materials.

    Next saw a brief article looking at the progress that's been made in improving the in-game environments. While some of this was shown during the live-stream event, the screen grabs posted in the article are amazing. The progress being made, and the way the hybrid approach to terrain generation is shaping up hints at great things to come for the worlds of Crowfall.

    A behind the scenes video was provided that shows just how the team at ArtCraft is creating those awesome destructible castle walls we're all looking forward to smashing. The technology being used and the possibilities presented by this system are really impressive. We'll all get a much more intimate look at this when the Throne War module comes out.

    Finally, a little Myrmidon eye-candy.

  12. A Promotion and New Information

    First, congratulations are in order for t0jo who has passed his trial period and been granted Full Member rank and privilege. t0jo joined us in April and he has shown great commitment and has really stepped forward to demonstrate a passion for community-minded gaming. It's a great accomplishment and a first step towards greater things.

    Second, ArtCraft Entertainment hosted a 12-hour live stream event on Monday, 6/27/16 and revealed a ton of new information. Too much to list out here, but it's definitely worthy of further discussion and review. A replay of the stream event can be found here. An index of the topics covered in the stream is located here.

    One of the major reveals was the disciplines and the system behind them. These present new options and flavor for every archetype, with some disciplines having prerequisites.

    What was your favorite part of the stream event? Feel free to stop in and let us know!

  13. Myrmidon Unleashed

    This week saw the unveiling of the Myrmidon. The model and concept equipment looks pretty amazing. It's now confirmed as the next playable archetype, and more information is promised.

    Myrmidon Equipment

    J. Todd Coleman gave an interview to the team at Worthplaying and covered some big-picture topics for Crowfall. The team has been very consistent in conveying their vision for the game, and this interview is no different. While nothing revolutionary is revealed here, it's good to see the consistency of message.

    The team also did a fine-tuning pass on the archetypes that have been in the game for a while - the Knight, Legionnaire, Champion and Confessor. They released a video detailing the work they did, but the short version is an improvement to the animations and slightly more responsive controls.

    Finally, there's an upcoming Live Stream day scheduled for June 27 that will feature a ton of new information, live Q&As, and even some "Beat the Devs" playtest events. The stream will take place on their twitch channel starting at 8 AM Central time.

    We're excited to see what gets revealed in the coming weeks. What about you?

  14. Druid Introduction and Other News

    Some interesting news these past couple of weeks from ACE and the development of Crowfall. This is a pretty long update...where to begin?

    For starters, the Trusted Trader Program was finally implemented. This is the method through which backers can sell retired items on a controlled, traceable secondary market. It's interesting that they're completely OK with backers selling components of their pledges and making a profit on them. It was probably going to happen regardless, and at least this way there is some traceability and protection for both parties.

    An action video of the Druid was added showing how the abilities and skill trays work. Also, the druid has been added to the test environment, and a snap test was added for this coming Sunday, June 5 and will be open to players of Alpha 3 test group and higher. This will be the first chance to go hands-on with the Druid, so don't miss out!

    The team continues to work on balance and really seem to want to make all archetypes interesting, and every style within those archetypes compelling to play. To support this, each type of armor conveys a different bonus to each archetype wearing it. An armor cheat sheet was made available showing what those benefits are for the various archetypes that are in-game currently. It's good to see this level of thought going into the design at this stage of development, and hopefully they can avoid some of the best-in-slot equipment concerns or only one viable build per archetype problems that seem to pop up in MMOs.

    The UI team has set about redesigning the icons for all archetypes power trays and abilities. This is being done for a couple of very compelling reasons. First, users that had visual impairments were having a difficult time identifying their abilities. The second reason is to add consistency to the icons and group their shapes and colors in ways that make sense and make the system more intuitive for all users. For example, an ability with a red colored, square shaped icon represents a melee attack that attacks between 1 and 3 targets. This looks like a solid revision that should lead to some improved utility from the UI system.

    A few months ago the character movement was revised from a server-side controller to a client-side controller. This improved the feel and responsiveness of the characters by quite a bit, but one piece was left incomplete: ability delay. This continues to be a focus for the development team, and they discuss some options and the direction they're heading to improve overall performance in a recent article. It's moderately technical, but it's good to see them continue to work on this element of the game.

    Finally, the team has made the decision to shift gears on development and is aiming to complete more significant game improvements between test cycles. What this means for us is less test server availability, but likely more a more noticeable progression each time we are able to test. Hopefully this helps the team gain some additional velocity in development and they can gain more ground faster and gain improved feedback through more focused test efforts.

    What do you think about these developments? Anything concerning to you, or anything that makes you want to stand up and shout? Stop in and let us know about it.

  15. Crowfall Development Update

    Crowfall development continues, and more information is being made available to us every week. This week saw some information about how the Crowfall development team is using data to determine what changes might be needed in the current build. It's always good to see the team using actual analytics to drive decisions and not just "feelings".

    Lastly, the team posted a quick video about how some of the visual effects were built for one of the Druid's abilities. The effects for this ability required several team members to work together in order to achieve the desired results. This behind the scenes gives a pretty good idea of the amount of work required for each asset being put in the game. While not core to the game play, effects can definitely improve the overall experience.

    What do you think of the animations and the design feel of the Druid? What about the data and decisions that it's driving? Stop into the forums and let us know!

  16. Weekly Update

    Another week, another batch of news from ArtCraft Entertainment about Crowfall.

    An updated play test schedule was released late last week. There are a ton of opportunities to get into the game, and Pre-alpha 1 & 2, as well as Alpha 1, 2, & 3 groups all have access to Siege Perilous now. Matches are nearing 100 players simultaneously, so some good action can be found in the test environment.

    This week saw the release of the May Q&A which covered several topics. Included were brief discussions of Attributes and Stats, Crafting and Inventory, and some minor details about the Assassin. The inventory grid system sounds interesting, with the ability to "craft" larger stacks of items to save space as you accumulate more and more of a resource. It was also revealed that you can break down these stacks in the field, but you will always lose some portion of the resource if you don't use the correct POI.

    An article about Crowfall Symbology was also published, hinting at the meanings and interactions behind the language being developed for the game. While it doesn't change the core game play, and many players may just look at it as bright lights and shapes, it's interesting to see this kind of forethought and effort going into these details.

    Probably the biggest bit of news this week is the Founder's Update. In it, Todd and Gordon talk about The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of the game as it stands today. In short, they're behind schedule, but they're committed to providing the best experience possible when they're ready to launch the game. Their plan at this time is to move towards a "Soft Launch" to get players into the game, and then continue to work towards refinements. It's a good read, and seems well thought out.

    Our excitement isn't diminished by this news. What about yours? Stop in and let us know!

  17. May News Update

    There's been a lot of news lately, and if nothing else it's keeping us talking about Crowfall!

    One of the larger bits of news is that ArtCraft is looking for partners to carry Crowfall to other parts of the world. This is a mixed bag, and carries a number of positive and negative elements with it. On the positive side, they're not planning to region lock the servers, and really do seem to be moving this direction in the interest of providing the best play experience to the player base. On the other hand, this fragments the community somewhat and could negatively impact the epic feel of the servers and the campaigns. There's also apparently been some chatter about bringing Crowfall to consoles, but at this time the team seems to think that's a nice-to-have additional platform down the road and doesn't plan to sacrifice PC development time on it. Time will tell, of course, but we're sure this will be a point of conversation for some time.

    Next, we got a first look at the Druid powers and UI. There is a lot of detail in this post, and some additional insight into the team's decision making when it came to the Druid's powers. Some of the visual FX concept art looks pretty good, and I encourage everyone to read through the thread.

    Finally, there was an AMA session on Reddit where key members of ArtCraft answered community questions as it relates to the game. One of the more interesting bits is that the team intends to allow high-hundreds to low-thousands of players in each campaign simultaneously, with 3-4 times that number subscribed to each campaign. With those numbers there will need to be a suitably large area, and a variety of interesting and meaningful things to do to keep things moving.

    Overall, the development continues to track along a solid trend, and the information coming out looks promising. Was your take different? Jump into our forums and let us know!

  18. Latest Crowfall News

    What a week in Crowfall news! In a lengthy Founders' Update article we got updated information on the testing plans for Siege Perilous, some minor Archetype updates and a lot of explanation behind the design philosophy being employed by ACE in developing Crowfall.

    Siege Perilous is planned to be tested over the next month + with incremental progress being made in each test cycle. They are expanding the tester pool with each subsequent test to put more stress on the systems and to continue to build stability into the game. Before all is said and done, an additional siege weapon may be introduced into the test environment.

    Archetypes continue to be worked on, with the already revealed Druid getting most of the attention currently. Equipment, animations, and powers continue to be tweaked to provide a good foundation for further development on the archetype. During the recently released April Q&A Video there were hints at the next archetype likely to enter the development queue. Because of the amount of features planned for the next testing module, the intent is to focus on a next archetype that doesn't introduce many new mechanics, like the Templar. This is because of the amount of tech being introduced in the next testing phase.

    Throne War Module is the title given to the next testing module being developed, and it is intended to play like a mini-campaign. Exactly what this means isn't known yet, but planned features are Three Faction Rules, much larger play area with multiple keeps, capture mechanics for the strongholds, the use of planned parcels (being hand-placed by the dev team), persistence of the game world with multiple day campaigns and continuous "live" access, resource nodes that produce stone, iron and wood, and caravans to move resources around.

    This will be the first look at many of the support systems for the eventual full-game, and we're excited to get in and see it in action!

  19. Roster and Game Updates

    Recently, Shizzle and Shinra were promoted to Full Member status of Legend Gaming, having passed their trials. These two were consistent with activity, maintained a stable presence in the community, and demonstrated their dedication over an extended period of time. Their actions and attitudes show them to be great additions to the community, and we're proud to welcome them in fully.

    In other news, development details for Crowfall continue to be released with initial details for the first siege engine, the catapult, and another archetype, the Druid. The catapult has been presented as a vehicle that can operate as both a ranged siege engine or a battering ram and will have some capability of shielding itself from attacks. Testing for these starts with pre-Alpha 2.0: Siege Perilous, with the Alpha testers still working in the Hunger Dome for the time being.

    The Druid will offer two skill trays, one for healing and the other for damage dealing. The concept offers a twist on traditional resource management, with resources being gained through casting healing spells. Build too much of this resource and you take damage yourself, but you can spend this resource using the damage skills tray to harm your enemies. This could offer an interesting change of pace to the traditional MMO healing concepts. It also sounds like this concept has led to some additional changes coming for the Legionnaire's support abilities, but no details have been released on that yet.

    Overall, we remain very excited for the future of Crowfall. What about you?

  20. My name is Legolas!

    Time to ressurect the clichê inside you and name your new ranger Legolas or Tauriel as you test it in the Hunger Dome next Wednesday. We in Ascendance are very excited for the new class, below is the description put by the devs in the calendar!

    Only Pre-Alpha players are invited to this 1.3 test of the Hunger Dome with Ranger (and a ton of other changes). We'll be setting more tests this week and hopefully starting to let in Alpha 1 players soon (then the Alpha 2, and finally the Alpha 3). At some point soon this test will change to the 2.0 Siege Perilous testing which is even more exciting! (but we'll start over with Pre-Alpha for that)

    We have been watching the videos and information releases on the website and it seems like a great class to play. Are you excited? Hopefully we will be able to gather some people for this test, even though the time is a bit early and into most people's business hours.

  21. Allastair is Back and News!

    Hello everyone, it has been a while, but our most esteemed guild leader is back (he is the person writing this, who loves to talk about himself in third person). Ascendance continues with our tight and loyal roster, testing the game and having fun together. We have been playing Blade & Soul, testing Crowfall and hanging out.

    Unfortunately, due to Real Life reasons our Recruitment Officer Varius had to step down from his post. Thank you for assisting us while you could Varius! Allastair (yes, me) is now taking over that department... AGAIN! I've been doing this for 5 years, I'll do it for 5 more if I have to; always fun to meet new people.

    Recently we have also had a new recruit: Artumesprime has joined our ranks and has been active and present so far. I hope you make yourself at home and find what I found in Ascendance!

  22. Updates and the Roadmap for 2016

    Ascendance has come into 2016 with renewed energy. We had tons of fun in the first weeks of testing in the Hunger Dome. With people coming back from their breaks due to year end activities we were able to start our Friday gaming nights which have been very fun and successful right of the bat, participating on tests and playing other games such as Blade & Soul. If anyone is interested in getting to know us better you can also participate on the gaming nights, they take place every Friday at 8:30 PM EST (check our calendar by clicking "Events" on the top menu of the website). If you are not a part of Legend Gaming and you wanna play with us please contact one of our officers and we will provide you the Team Speak access so you can come hang out with us during our gaming night!

    This year represents a very important mark in Crowfall history and we intend to be a big part of it, in a couple months we have the Siege testing, and if things go according to the plan, the game launches at the end of the year. We will continue to follow every test and participate as much as we can until then!

    I would like to also welcome our newest members, GuinGeeno and Shinra! I hope you guys find your home here in Ascendance and Legend Gaming!

  23. News for the Holidays

    Hey everyone, this is Allastair, leader of Ascendance! The year of 2015 is pretty much over at this point, a couple more weeks and we will be walking in 2016! Man what a ride! The year where the MMO market pretty much stopped, no game releases, a barren land of new games, with only kickstarter projects and Alphas to test. Well, Legend Gaming and Ascendance survived this year, and we will survive many more. The latest Crowfall video by the developers certainly gave us hope. ACE is being extremely transparent with the player base about the state of the game, and this is something that I have honestly never seen in my 10 years of MMO gaming! If you haven't seen it yet go check it out at the end of this post.

    We have all we need to go into 2016 with full steam as a community. A few of us have been in the Hunger dome, streaming and testing the game, we are eager to continue that effort on January and February, so we can have a solid combat system to play with when the Siege testing phase kicks in (estimated in March as expressed in the video below). It is now time for all of us to relax and enjoy the holidays, so Ascendance is being extremely lenient on the activity checks for a couple weeks, we will resume them in the second week of January after everyone is back from their family time and year end trips! Hopefully, ACE will have some testing for us to do early in January, we look forward to that!

    I want to wish happy holidays to everyone, specially all my fellow LG members who stuck around. This has been a rough year for the community, but your passion and dedication has kept it running. We still have much to improve and a lot of ground to cover in Crowfall, and we will cover it together, that is what makes it fun! Let's make 2016 the best year of our lives!

    And now to the new video!

  24. Incoming Meetings!

    We have some busy times ahead of us. Next Monday, December 7th we are having our optional Inner Sanctum meeting where Vellic (Community Manager) and all other Inner Sanctum members provide us updates on the community, decisions we have made, and rules that might have changed. We also cover all promotions within the community within the last month, from Prospects becoming full members to members becoming officers. It is also a good space for members to ask questions and clear up any doubts or concerns they might have with how we run things. Transparency is important to us!

    After that we will have on the following Monday (December 14th) our Ascendance Guild meeting. We plan to coordinate for the upcoming Hunger Dome 1.1 and the alpha tests. Now that we will be able to actually group up for the first time it is paramount that we are on top of this and make sure we play together as much as possible.

    You can check our calendar for entries on all meetings!

    Lastly, I would like to welcome to the roster our newest member Vexas who applied a few days ago! I hope you find your home here! Velonius from Ordo Veritas also joined our roster to play Crowfall with us! Keep on being Legends!

  25. Recent Stats and Updates!

    Ascendance remains with a constant roster of 25+ members. Some have come and gone but our overall population has been steady at this number, reaching a peak of 30 about a month ago. This is expected and intended; we are far from a zerg guild and we don't believe Crowfall will even support huge fights due to Friendly Fire, Collision detection and no fire hose healing. The goal is to have a solid group of skilled members. It is very unlikely we will ever go beyond 60 people even when recruitment picks up closer to launch, so now is the time to join!

    In our ranks of selected and dedicated people we have added more recently Jarien, an experienced MMO gamer who has made Legend Gaming his home. We hope you find what you are looking for in our community so we can kick ass together in Crowfall. We have also recruited Shizzle, a former member and officer of our now deactivated Wildstar chapter, Terminus. Shizzle has a solid understanding of the community and recruited some members that up to this day remain in our ranks, one of them being Dascuba, Ordo Veritas Inner Sanctum representative and Activity officer. Welcome back Shizzle! We have also added Mozanbot to our ranks, he originally applied to Ordo Veritas to play Camelot Unchained with us and still is in that chapter. He noticed Crowfall recently and is also interested in that so he joined the Ascendance hype train!

    As Crowfall development moves on we remain strong, playing other games to pass time and watching the constant stream of developer news and posts. Alpha 2 will come soon and we will have pretty much our entire roster in it, fun times are coming! Stay tuned for more news!

  26. Crowfall News and LG in Pre-alpha

    In case you missed, our member Ziz was invited to play in the pre-alpha (check his video below). Cantaloupes which is another member of Ascendance was also invited to play the pre-alpha, he wrote a very down-to-earth and honest review of it in our forums if you wanna check it out. Ascendance continues to actively play together on other games and watch Crowfall streams, preparing ourselves for alpha and beta, following the news. We will keep on doing everything we can to build coordination and trust so we can hit the ground running when this game comes out, the hype is real!

    Check out Ziz video below and go to his Twitch stream channel in the description links!

  27. Alpha People Get Ready!

    It is an exciting moment! ACE has finally announced that the pre-alpha testing phase is going to begin soon and last for at least one week! You can see the full article by clicking HERE. We have some key players from our community ready to go in Alpha 1 as soon as it starts, better watch your e-mails folks!

    From what they have explained, the testing will be in form of death matches similar to "The Hunger Games". Up to 13 teams of 3, which they will try to balance with 1 Confessor, 1 Legionnaire and 1 Knight, will fight each other, the Hunger will form a ring of pain around the map getting smaller and smaller, if players touch it they die. They will begin naked and will have to scavenge the map for gear, killing others allows them to loot those players! They aim to test the following things:

    • Patching, login and authentication
    • Character lobby (and lobby chat)
    • Simplified character creation
    • First pass versions of the Knight, Confessor and Legionnaire
    • Avatar customization (equipment and color)
    • Grouping/teams (up to 16 teams, three people per team)
    • God crests
    • Group/team chat
    • Environmental effects (i.e. the Hunger)
    • Inventory and equipment
    • Containers (chests, corpses and looting)
    • Loot spawners (weapons and armor)
    • Powers & combo chains for all three archetypes (with sound FX and particles)
    • Melee and ranged combat
    • Stat pools (Health, Stamina, Energy, Rage)
    • Healing (time and radius-based)

    Exciting times ahead!

  28. Roster Updates, Community News

    Ascendance remains active and prosperous so far. Our small roster is growing slowly, focused on quality and not quantity, we are not in a rush. We already have a solid roster of 30 people that are present and dedicated to the success of our guild. Recently we had a few promotions, so I would like to congratulate Anethia, Bmore, Shoryuken and Spork on leaving their Prospect titles behind and making it to full membership. They have been vital on keeping our guild active while we wait for Crowfall. Constantly on our Team Speak, playing games like Skyforge, Heroes of the Storm, World of Warcraft, Smite and others, those folks provide the exact kind of unity, friendship and skill environment we need in Legend Gaming chapters. The promotion was well deserved, and I am glad to see those who applied and joined a few months ago becoming such important members of the community.

    We have also recruited Cregz, Cantaloupes and Dagur! Welcome to the fold everyone, may you show as much promise and dedication as the members mentioned above and become full members of Legend Gaming quickly!

    We have also conducted a poll recently to see what kind of access we have to each Alpha and Beta phase of Crowfall, below are the results:

    • Alpha 1: 07
    • Alpha 2: 17
    • Alpha 3: 18
    • Beta 1: 22
    • Beta 2: 23
    • No access: 04

    Obviously, this is all subject to change as we get new people and people upgrade their accounts. But the vast majority is already set to get involved on Alpha 2 which is a great thing, and we have a solid representation in Alpha 1!

    We remain excited for testing Crowfall, see you all there!

  29. Ascendance Joins the Angry Crows Site

    The community of Crowfall is expanding, and of course we expand with it. Recently the website Angry Crows has been created. Started by the Lords of the Dead folks, the same ones that run the Crowns and Crows webcast, the goal is for it to be a political forum, an alternative to the official forums of the game. PvP rivalries can get heated, and it is part of the experience to make allies and enemies, to communicate that through the forums, talk politics, provoke, take sides. Part of the fun for some in PvP games is that patience and provocation game, to sometimes be extreme, to narrate the battles that happened in game from your perspective, linking videos and provoking the enemy. Doing all that in the official forums can cause problems as the developers cannot support players attacking each other or provoking too much, developers can't take sides. They have to moderate it and keep it a more light and friendly environment for everyone, which is completely understandable. After all, where would they draw the line? Either they allow all types of aggressive posts to everyone or they allow none.

    The Angry Crows comes with the promise of having pretty much no moderation on that front, giving those forum rats a bit more freedom to truly express their feelings and generate heated political discussions. But the site as is good as we make it, the presence of the community at large will define what happens there, and we in Ascendance are doing our part and giving our support. Click the link above and go check it out!

    I would also like to add that one of our members Ziz has participated in the latest Crowns and Crows webcast. If you still don't know him, you can check his channel on the latest news post. If you missed the live show feel free to check the link of his participation below! Wonderbeard represent!

    Crowns and Crows S02E10 - The Crowfall & Camelot Unchained Comparison

  30. Upcoming IS Meeting and Updates!

    Crowfall alpha and beta will not have NDAs, as such, it is safe to assume tons of videos and streams of the game will be active from the moment they begin to involve the players into the testing. Here in Ascendance we are very excited about it, eagerly waiting for the Alpha 1. More than just being excited, we want to be prepared. It is fundamental that we have an early involvement in the testing, helping shape Crowfall into the solid game we all want it to be. We have several players with access to Alpha 1 and Alpha 2 already, ready to engage into some testing. But we are looking for more, so if you are a streamer or a vlogger, take a look into our rules and our structure and consider applying!

    Now I would like to introduce one of our member's channels. If you have been following Crowfall news closely you probably already know him. Ziz has been with us for a while now, producing content for both Camelot Unchained and Crowfall. His Crowfall Insider series of videos are among the best around, he is great at summarizing the features of the game without leaving the important details out of the mix in an entertaining and informative way.

    Ziz Channel on Youtube

    Ziz Twitch Channel

    Here is the latest video he made on the knight. Other videos will be added to the Media section of our website as well. Keep up the good work Ziz, we all look forward to seeing more videos and streaming when alpha starts.

    Crowfall Insider #5 Knight Powers & UI/Founders Update/Player testing Pt.1

  31. Vlogs, streams and podcasts!

    Next Monday, July 13th we have our monthly Inner Sanctum meeting. Normally I would not comment on it, but this is an important one. Our community manager Drahl has informed us last month that he will be stepping down due to Real Life limitations. Family and work come first, but the community lives on and the Inner Sanctum has already selected a new Community Manager. We will talk about that during the meeting and announce things officially, so stay tuned for news!

    As for Ascendance, we have been experiencing a steady flow of applications so far. It is early and there is a lot to be seen about Crowfall. Our roster has been growing slowly and we have been playing Heroes of the Storm and other games together, getting to know each other and building coordination. Over half of our members are backing Crowfall, many of them have access to Alpha 1 and 2. Whenever they begin testing I am sure we will hit the ground running!

  32. Building a Solid Strategy

    A new video has been released today showing us the size of the keeps, from the most basic of keeps up to the advanced one (rank 3, which seems to be the biggest possible but we are not sure yet). They revealed a keep 100 meters wide by 150 meters deep, with thick walls surrounding the entire building, ramps, multiple protection spots. This revelation indirectly confirms two things:

    1. They intend for massive battles of 100 vs 100 people to happen in the game, which we already expected, but it's nice to see some strong evidence of it.
    2. Numbers are required to defend a structure like the rank 3 keeps, which shows us that Ascendance will have to have some more people and/or form strong alliances in order to push for PvP domination.

    This brings both excitement and challenges to our plate. I'm glad the Legend Gaming structure and organization allows for us to run big rosters without losing the feeling of camaraderie and friendship from smaller guilds. We have had rosters varying from 25 to 150 people in our past chapters, and with hard work and dedication I am sure we will be able to succeed regardless of our size.

    If you're as excited for it as we are go to our forums and discuss this with us, they are open for anyone! Watch the video from ACE below!

  33. Upcoming Guild Meeting!

    Ascendence already scheduled our first official guild meeting! It will take place in June 15th at 2100 (9PM) US EST, you can set reminders by checking the event entry in our calendar, just click "Events" at the top menu of the website to be taken to it.

    This is mostly a meet and gree among the members supporting Crowfall in LG, it is mandatory for all Ascendance members but all LG members can attend if they wish to do so. The topics in discussion are up to be changed, but so far they are the following.

    • Ascendance departments summary, Recruitment, Activity talk with Allastair, Varius and Akoti
    • Clarification on future departments yet to be opened: PvP, Diplomacy, Crafting. Intentions and plans
    • Crowfall community, current state and expectations
    • Crowfall development, plans for Alpha and beta without an NDA
    • Leadership intentions and expectations on dedication, skill level and commitment from Ascendance members
    • AAA (Ask Allastair Anything)

    If you are outside of the community and you have any interest on attending this meeting just to listen in and get a feel for the community, feel free to send an e-mail to introducing yourself and I will create a Team Speak account for you. You can also PM me in the Crowfall forums, my ID is LGAllastair.

    See you all there!

  34. Roster Updates And The Road Ahead

    It is with great satisfaction that Ascendance welcomes new Prospects in our ranks, the first to ever apply to this newly opened chapter! Anethia and Bmore have already been gaming together for years, now they come to LG and hopefully here they will find their home. The interview with them was very pleasing and they passed with flying colors, but as many of you probably know, joining LG is not the hard part, staying in and becoming a full member is what really defines our quality. Both new members were given the chance to prove themselves as Prospects, so we wish them good luck during their trials. I am optimistic that they will make it with their experience, constant activity, commitment and a community oriented mindset, just like everyone else who ever joined us.

    With recruitment moving forward and the initial Roll Call (forum poll to gather data from members and establish the roster) being finished in the first week of June, we are likely to have a mandatory guild meeting coming up very soon. We will discuss the guild focus, what is expected of all of our members in this pre-launch phase and how we will go about it. It will be also useful to explain the Ascendance and Legend Gaming way of doing things for our new Prospects. Allastair (Chapter leader) as well as all officers will be present to clarify any doubts and lay out the path. Hopefully we will have a bright road ahead for both Ascendance and Crowfall!

  35. Legend Gaming Welcomes Ascendance!

    With an unanimous vote, the Inner Sanctum of Legend Gaming has approved the creation of the Crowfall chapter called Ascendance, so here we are. Everything in this chapter has been developed and expanded on by our community members. From the logo ideas to the concept, rank names, dogma; all discussions were open and interested members were able to contribute and criticize. This is a great achievement, proving that unity, friendship and coordination can accomplish anything. The conception of this chapter is in itself a reflection of the core values of our community, and we would not have it any other way.

  36. Crowfall reaches another Stretch Goal!

    This is great for the game and we are very excited that the community supported Crowfall and ACE enough for them to reach the stretch goal of Hiring a graphics programmer! Since after the kickstarter this is the first relevant milestone they have reached, showing they have the continuous support from the people. This is also good news for Legend Gaming, not only because it increases our faith in the success of the game, but also because a graphics programmer helps reduce the worry about performance that has been raised by so many people. Now they will hire someone to optimize the graphics. That will hopefully ensure that the Voxel farms, spell effects and hundreds of players on the screen will not lag us players into oblivion (Anyone remember ESO?).

    Ascendance is kicking off with a great start and coming live together with great news in the Crowfall community! Keep on rocking!

    Watch below as J Todd Coleman talks about this milestone!

Legend Gaming Destinations
Ordo Veritas
Legend Gaming's Chapter for Camelot Unchained
Client Guilds
Legend Gaming Client Guilds
About Legend Gaming

Ascendance is a chapter of the Legend Gaming community. Established in May of 2015, Ascendance plans to bring the community-oriented tradition of Legend Gaming to Crowfall; a tradition that started with the guild Hand of Set, in Age of Conan. Legend Gaming seeks excellence and maturity in all of its gaming and Hand of Set created the benchmark in 2006 by being the #1 pre-launch guild in Age of Conan and the #1 PvP guild on the server. Legend Gaming moved on to establish one of the top guilds in Warhammer (Volkmar-Legend), being the #1 PvE and PvP guild on the server and being responsible for forming and leading the first successful Order City Raid. In 2009, Legend Gaming also established the guild, Jen'jidai for Star Wars the Old Republic; a Jung-Ma server Empire guild that has established itself as one of the top SW:ToR guilds in the entire world. Jen'jidai has over 30 server first raid kills under its belt and is known for being a worthy PvP opponent. Legend Gaming would not stop there.

Vokundein, a guild for The Elder Scrolls Online, was formed in January of 2013. Vokundein was regarded as one of the top PvP guilds in the world by the community of TESO. Nicknamed the king makers, Vokundein spent much of its time ensuring the Ebonheart Pact won the most hard fought campaigns. Vokundein, with help of its allies, has assisted the Ebonheart Pact in winning every single campaign it has participated in. If you'd like to see a glimpse of our accomplishments, please watch our community 5th anniversary tribute video as well as our 7th Anniversary video. For a full history of how Legend Gaming started, you can also visit our about Legend Gaming page.

About Ascendance

Ascendance is a cult like organization with a strong military influence and leadership, based on the ideal of seeking perfection in battle, dominance and glory in victory through the blood and sweat of it's members. It's members are known to have such loyalty and rigid structure that some refer to them as fanatics, seeking to become Gods themselves.

Ascendance's main goal will be PvP. The guild shall have its entire foundation built around PvP and PvP functionality. As a guild, we seek to provide our members with every tool they need to get maximum enjoyment out of Crowfall. We want our guild and its members to be at the height of this game's excitement and potential. Make no mistake about it; Ascendance is a HARDCORE PvP guild. Therefore, our members should expect nightly PvP events and full focus on achieving pure domination in the many Campaigns that compose Crowfall's RvR war. This guild is a member of the Legend Gaming network. By joining this guild, you are joining Legend Gaming. If you are looking for a gaming community focused on a tight knit family environment, while maintaining a server dominating mentality, this is the home for you.


Crowfall is a PvP game. Therefore it is of little surprise that Ascendance shall be 100% focused on PvP domination. The leadership of this community is composed of individuals who have over two decades of PvP experience in Ultima Online, Dark Age of Camelot, Shadowbane, and other harsh PvP environments. The leaders of this guild spent many many hours in various RvR games leading guilds and raids. This is not a casual guild with casual leadership. We will enter this game and each campaign with one goal; complete domination of Crowfall. We work together to improve, always being honest and down-to-earth about our potential.

Crafting and Resources

Ascendance leadership fully understands the importance of organizing crafters and managing our resources both in the Eternal Kingdoms and inside the Campaigns. We intend to have events and activities based on resource gathering and territory control, assisting our dedicated Crafters with materials, Thralls and POIs that will give us any advantage. We also intend to coordinate with those Crafters so we can cover all key specialties to make the best gear and consumables available to our PvPers.

Roleplay and Lore

Legend Gaming has always prided itself on organization and lore driven gaming. We feel it elevates the player's gaming experience if he/she is in an environment where they can completely engross themselves into the game and all it has to offer. We want to give our members the platform to enjoy the lore of this game. Therefore, we have taken the time to introduce a back-story for Ascendance. Throughout pre-release, we will continue to develop the back story of this guild and its ties to the Crowfall lore, as more information is revealed by the developers. This will give our members a good back story for their characters and even give them a chance to role-play, if they so desire. Legend Gaming has always supported lore driven gaming and we wish to continue that tradition with Ascendance.

Ascendance Dogma

The Dogmas define what we are. They are the code, the guidance, the reference, the ideals. Nothing and no one is above the dogma, not even the Gods themselves. The devotion to the code must be absolute, for without it we are nothing.


As champions of the Gods we will face constant resistance. No matter the goal in mind, the road is sure to be filled with obstacles. You shall overcome them with tenacity, devotion and persistence. Our success will not come without a cost. We must remain resilient and dedicated to our cause in face of the hardships and the trials we endure. Only through our commitment to the cause will we be able to reach our goal and ascend to the throne of gods. May you never know the shame that falls upon those who give up.


Our enemies should respect us, but more importantly, they should fear us. Hesitation in the face of the enemy can only bring us defeat. Compassion is a luxury that one hardly can afford in a world consumed by war and hunger. A moment of weakness could mean our destruction, if not by enemy hands than by The Hunger as it consumes everything.


In the battle of Gods there is no room for error. It is paramount that you exercise patience, cunning, and prudence when considering all of your actions. You should not hesitate to fight and show your might before our enemies, but neither should you run into a lost fight with blind rage and careless impulse. The warriors of Ascendance should pick both their allies and their enemies very carefully, as well as plan their efforts properly. That is the path to victory.

Ascendance Leadership

Updated as of

Legend Gaming Inner Sanctum

Name Rank Title Seniority
Vellic mail Full Inner Sanctum High Elder Community Manager
Drahl mail Full Inner Sanctum Community Founder / Retired High Elder
Sana mail Full Inner Sanctum Community Founder / High Elder High Elder
Xenith mail Full Inner Sanctum Community Founder / High Elder High Elder
Akoti mail Full Inner Sanctum High Elder High Elder
Allastair mail Full Inner Sanctum High Elder / Ascendance Guild Leader High Elder
A'nimus mail Full Inner Sanctum High Elder High Elder
CoolsHisHands mail Full Inner Sanctum / Webmaster High Elder High Elder
Praetorian mail Full Inner Sanctum Retired High Elder
Sera mail Full Inner Sanctum High Elder High Elder
Khaer_96 mail Ascendance Chapter Representative Elder Elder
Dascuba mail Ordo Veritas Chapter Representative Head of Activity Elder

Officers of Ascendance

Name Rank Title Seniority LG Join Date
Diz The Sovereign Chapter Leader Inner Sanctum Representative May 09, 2015
Allastair Harbinger of Wisdom Inner Sanctum High Elder Mar 30, 2010
CeejTheDestroyer Harbinger of Will Head of Activity Veteran Member Jan 14, 2017
CoolsHisHands Harbinger of Wisdom Webmaster Elder Feb 10, 2013
Khaer_96 Harbinger of Wisdom Inner Sanctum Representative Elder Feb 02, 2014
Sioncent Harbinger of Truth Head of Recruitment Veteran Member Jun 22, 2016
Join Ascendance

In order to join Ascendance you must first meet these requirements:

  1. You must be prepared to use Discord and be logged into the Legend Gaming server whenever you are logged into the game (Post release only).
  2. You must be 17 years of age or older. This is due to the maturity of the community and the maturity rating of the games we play.
  3. Understand you are joining a community, not a guild. Upon joining Ascendance, you are joining Legend-Gaming. So if you're not looking for a tight knit community concept, we're not the right fit for you.
  4. Be an active member of the guild and contribute to guild events, raids, and so forth both pre-release and post-release.

The process is simple. So long as you meet the above criteria then all you have to do is go to the forums and post an application. Having done that, you will receive a reply in a timely manner with the next step of the process.

The Process
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