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Client Guilds

What is a Legend Gaming Client Guild?

A client guild is a guild within Legend Gaming that does not meet the qualifications of a chapter. These client guilds are more casual, less populated, and have limited activity requirements.
Client guilds will exist in Legend Gaming to give our members a place to casually play MMORPGs they may be interested in. This will allow our members to remain in Legend Gaming, continue to play games with Legend Gaming members, and allow members to continue to represent Legend Gaming in games where the community does not have a full chapter.

Difference between a Chapter and a Client Guild

Chapters of Legend Gaming are expected to perform, reach lofty goals, and achieve top world status. However, client guilds have no such expectations. Client Guilds exist solely for our member's enjoyment. Though their existence is to give our members a place to enjoy whatever game they are playing, with other LG members; we do want the LG soul to be within the client guild. As such, there will still be certain requirements and organizational concepts present within Legend Gaming client guilds.

List of Currently Active Client Guilds

  • Vokundein: Elder Scrolls Online - (website)
  • Neartmhor: DAoC ~ Uthgard - No website