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Ordo Veritas

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Welcome to Ordo Veritas, an Arthurian aligned guild for Camelot Unchained. Ordo Veritas is a PvP focused guild that also supports Role Play interests. We have one goal: Domination. Join us as our organized forces wreak havoc upon the other factions in our claim for Camelot.

Our Goals

  • Build the first major Arthurian keep
  • Take a leadership role in RvR organization
  • Provide highly organized RvR events
  • Run frequent gathering and crafting events
  • Dominate CU RvR
Legend Gaming's Chapter for Crowfall
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  1. New Activity Officer!

    Our own D'scuba steve is going to remain as our IS Rep and will stay over Activity to train our new officer. As Dascuba's work becomes more demanding, Terask will be stepping up to help monitor activity and run activity events for our members. Expect new events and game nights to start in January!

  2. Beta 1 Meeting

    Monday, April 4th, at 9:30 pm EST - we'll be having an optional guild meeting to discuss Camelot Unchained's beta 1 launch. We will discuss our goals during the beta as well as member activity until launch. The meeting will follow right behind the community Open IS meeting. Attendance is not required but will count as an official guild activity.

  3. Welcome our newest members and promotions!

    Please welcome our newest members, Lickerish, Mozanbot, and Velonius! They bring a collective experience and skill to our team and we're happy to have them with us as we wait for the first stage of beta for Camelot Unchained. Our own GracefulHealer has also been promoted to full member of Legend Gaming. GracefulHealer joined us in September and has been incredibly active over the past month. Thank you and congrats to all.

  4. Ordo Veritas and the Community!

    June has been kind of a slow month in terms of news but Ordo Veritas remains active and present in the community. Our members have been interacting in the CSE forums and keeping up with the news. Vellic, Allastair, Ziz and Kriss continue to do the Veil Cast, covering any news and keeping up the hype for the game. Below is a link for the latest episode where they discuss Stealth, one of the most controversial mechanics in the MMO world. They talk about how it could be implemented in creative and fun ways. If you enjoy the video join the discussion on Realms Unchained forums, where the vodcast is hosted. You can access it at www.realmsunchained.com

  5. Leadership changes and updates

    The last Inner Sanctum meeting that took place on June, 8th 2015 at 9PM EST came with heavy news and meaningful changes for the entire Legend Gaming community, but especially for the Ordo Veritas chapter. With a very heavy heart, our guild leader and community manager Drahl has announced that he must step down from his position as chapter leader. His reasons for doing so are entirely Real Life related. Drahl has been here with us for almost 8 years, playing games and leading us to excellence, helping with his vision and experience. He has been a gamer his entire life, dedicating vast amounts of time to this hobby we all love so much. But there comes a time when gaming has to take the backseat while family, job and other life responsibilities become the main focus. That time has come for Drahl.

    Fortunately, Vellic was voted by the Inner Sanctum to replace him in the role of leading Ordo Veritas from now on. The council wanted to make sure that whoever replaced Drahl was someone with a lot of leadership experience, with the free time and the skills to keep driving the chapter towards excellence, as demanded by the Legend Gaming standards. Vellic is not only a High Elder of Legend Gaming who has lead a chapter in the past as well as several other officership positions, but he also has a strong presence in the Camelot Unchained community. We are in good hands with him in the leadership, and with the support of the excellent body of officers in Ordo Veritas as well as the Inner Sanctum, we will keep the house strong and organized so our members can succeed in this game. We are all thankful to Vellic for taking the mantle, stepping up to the responsibilities of leading us in CU.

    As for roster changes, we had a new applicant who has been accepted today. Everyone please welcome our newest Prospect Thaspeare. he carries with him the experience of having played DAoC, as so many of our members. We hope he finds his home here in Ordo Veritas, assisting us on reaching the goal of being the top PvP guild in our server.

  6. Roster updates

    I am please to announce that we have had two new promotions in Ordo Veritas. The former prospects Callaghan and Shiprek are now Full Members of Legend Gaming!

    The Review Board found that Callaghan was extremely active on the LG forums. He's a returning member to the community and has always been in good standing, even back in his Vokundein days. This gave the review board very good confidence. Most of the leadership and Vokundein members remember Callaghan fondly.

    As for Shiprek, the Review Board found that what he lacked in forum activity he more than made up for in Team Speak activity, interaction with the community, and participation with other LG members in games. Shiprek has spent the first few months of his membership here participating in SWTOR, attending activity nights, attending public IS meetings, and playing pen and paper D&D with LG members. He is a prime example of a member who exhibits good activity without being much of a forum poster.

    Please welcome those members showing the example of dedication and community spirit! Hopefully you will move into Camelot Unchained with us with the same standard of quality!

  7. Dascuba is back in the Inner Sanctum!

    We wanted to let everyone know that Dascuba has been promoted to the Inner Sanctum! He has been a part of the Inner Sanctum in the past, while being the chapter leader of Terminus (our now deactivated Wildstar chapter). He returns to us now as Inner Sanctum Representative of Ordo Veritas! This was decided in a unanimous Inner Sanctum vote.

    He will be replacing Zintair in the position. Zintair has been dealing with a lot of real life responsibilities and has recently got engaged. Therefore, we felt it was best to give Dascuba a chance to be your representative. He is extremely active, very detail oriented, and is online every night on TS and the forums. He has been serving as Ordo Veritas's activity officer since the chapter opened and has been doing a GREAT job.

    Welcome back brother. Represent the OV members well!

  8. Ordo Veritas Roll Call is Active

    We have a roll call posted on the forums for Ordo Veritas Members. Please make sure to answer this roll call within 30 days. Answer the questions as detailed as possible as it will allow leadership to better gauge what kind of schedule we're looking at and our potential class make up. We understand schedules and class choices will change in the upcoming year. But this will give us a opportunity to get a feeling for what we're dealing with. Please remember this Roll Call is mandatory if you're a member of the Ordo Veritas Chapter.

  9. Veil Cast Episode 1

    We wanted to thank Legend Gaming members Ziz, Vellic, and Allastair for producing Veil Cast Episode 1. Stay tuned for many more episodes to come. Veil Cast is a vodcast that covers the production of the upcoming MMO: Camelot Unchained. The first episode is titled, "Foundational Principles."

    Check it out on our YouTube channel today!

  10. New Officer Promoted

    Ordo Veritas would like to welcome A'nimus to officership. This man is no rookie in Legend Gaming. He has served as an Elder for a year and a half. A'nimus is also second in line to become High Elder of Legend Gaming. Lately, he has served as officer of PvP in our TESO guild; Vokundein.

    We are very happy to see him branching out and trying different roles. I know he will be a very good activity officer. A'nimus will work under Dascuba and assist him with the day to day running of the Activity Department of Ordo Veritas. A'nimus is also going to focus more on running and administrating Ordo Veritas's activity nights. We should have more of these coming up now that we have someone focusing on them.

    Congratulations A'nimus.

  11. Membership Updates!

    Ordo Veritas had a good start so far! I'd like to welcome our newest members ShmemSolid and Stabarus! While being a veteran MMO player, ShmemSolid brings in some experience from recent MMOs like Arch Age to our fold. An established and knowledgble PvPer! Stabarus is a former member, coming back after taking part in LGs Wildstar chapter. We certainly appreciate the loyalty and the fact we left a good impression as a community! Welcome back and may you find your home within Camelot Unchained and Ordo Veritas!

    In addition, some of our oldest trial members who joined us in the last days of December have now reached the full member status! Congratulations to Taky and Ziz for their promotion to Brothers of Ordo Veritas! You have undergone the trial period during which you were evaluated on your capability of maintaining constant and stable activity, your ability to relate to our members in a positive manner and your understanding of the community rules and policies. Adding all of those up (some obviously stronger than others) you have passed! Keep up the good work, this is obviously not the end but only the beginning. We have a great road ahead for Camelot Unchained, and there is a lot to be done and accomplished.

    Our roster continues to grows, quality over quantity. Check out our forums if you wish to join or simply gather more information!

  12. Ordo Veritas Welcomes Two New Members!

    We want to welcome our newest recruits to Ordo Veritas. Welcome Taky and Ziz. Taky is a former member of Legend Gaming, previously a member of Vokundein. He joined us for The Elder Scrolls Online and was a very good contributor to our early success in that game. Ziz is brand new to Legend Gaming. He spent four years in Dark Age of Camelot and understands the concepts of RvR. We're excited to have a good PvPer joining us. Welcome guys!

  13. Entering 2015 at Full Throttle!

    Happy new year to everyone from Ordo Veritas and Legend Gaming! We enter 2015 with yet another brand new chapter for Camelot Unchained. As usual, we are not just sitting around. The most vital department in our guild has already been established, Recruitment! High Elder Allastair has been selected to be the Head of this department. Allastair has served as head of recruitment in Vokundein and Jen'jidai in the past. He is often regarded as the best recruitment officer in Legend Gaming's history. With that in mind, he was a shoe in for the leadership of recruitment for Ordo Veritas when he expressed his intent.

    His appointment to the department gives Ordo Veritas a huge advantage as it begins its trek into the Camelot Unchained community. We can now enter the community with extreme confidence, knowing we have our very best recruiter. As his vice-officer and assistant he has selected Bakin. Recruitment is not a job one can undertake alone, it is good to see members stepping up to assist, thank you Bakin and congratulations on the position!

    Our recruitment thread is already up at the main Camelot Unchained website and our presence in the community now begins to grow. Applications are showing up already as the first members of our new chapter gain interest. Let's all work together to make this game unforgettable!

  14. Ordo Veritas Website Is Live

    Legend Gaming officially welcomes its newest chapter for Camelot Unchained: Ordo Veritas