Vokundein: An Ebonheart Pact Guild

The wisest of our clan despair deeply and have found no hope, no easy sleep, no peaceful slumber... in this unequal war of man and devil... of warrior and fiend.

— Thaedric Windcaller, Leader of Vokundein
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Welcome to Vokundein, an Ebonheart Pact aligned guild in Elder Scrolls Online. Vokundein is PvE and PvP focused, though we also have a home for those who enjoy RP. In Vokundein, our ultimate ambition is to claim sweet victory from the grasp of our enemies. Whether you're apt to throw yourself into the fury of battle for control of Cyrodiil, or the threat of the Daedra inspires you to defend the world from Molag Bal's schemes, the members of Vokundein will be your steadfast allies on the path of victory.

For the Pact! For Vokundein!

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  1. Our Newest Veteran

    LG is proud to promote Yakuruto to be our newest Veteran member. Yakuruto joined Vokundein in April of 2015 and has remained as an active and dedicated member of our TESO guild ever since. Over the course of his time with us he has attended over 60 recorded Vokundein events. That is the sort of activity that makes LG great and we are pleased to have Yakuruto with us!

  2. Wrathmane promoted to Head of Recruitment

    I think it is time I (blakeabutler) stop falsely wearing the mantle of Head of Recruitment and pass it to Wrathmane. Wrathmane has served as a Vice-Officer of Recruitment within Vokundein since mid November of 2015, at a time when we'd not had an official recruitment officer for quite some time. Under Wrathmane and Arkraptor's guidance, Vokundein has grown from our lowest to now a very stable and once again strong force among the Ebonheart Pact. An AD member even recently spoke highly of Vokundein—on our Official Recruitment thread—as a guild that is competitive and honorable in the ESO community. It is in no small part that these officers have selected the best quality Thralls and Vokunarre of Vokundein to join us in establishing and maintaining a strong Legend Gaming presence in the Elder Scrolls Online.

    Today Wrathmane takes the title of Reeve of Recruitment. I look forward to the continued success of Vokundein as the watchful eyes of the Recruitment Department ensure only those who are worthy may stand among us. Congratulations and thank you for your service!

    Vokundein Fron!

  3. Arkraptor promoted to Vice Officer of Recruitment

    It is a great thing for our Recruitment Department to have Arkraptor joining as a new Vice-Officer of Recruitment. Arkraptor has been very active on our forums and finding quality players to join both Legend-Gaming and Vokundein. He has an eye for finding players that have potential to be something greater in a closer community like LG. I'm looking forward to how Vokundein grows with him along side Wrathmane bringing new blood into the fold.

    Vokundein Fron!

  4. Leadership Change and Officer Promotion

    In gaming, as in life, change is inevitable. Recent events have taken away much of Khaer's free time and have placed restrictions on his ability to game and to lead Vokundein in the way that both he would like and that the community deserves. As a result, he has resigned his position as leader of Vokundein, but remains an active member of Legend Gaming.

    Stepping in to fill the role of Guild Leader is Blasius. He has been a member of LG and Vokundein since March of 2014, was instrumental in our PvP success in early launch, and has been the long-time Vice-Officer for Crafting. Under his leadership, expect things to continue with equal attention being given to both PvP and PvE events, with an emphasis on having fun and keeping our members active.

    These are exciting times in ESO with new content coming at regular intervals, and many planned changes already announced and on the horizon. With no signs of letting up, we plan to be in this game for the foreseeable future engaging in battle and testing ourselves against whatever challenges come our way.

    Vokundein Fron! To the end!

    Wrathmane promoted to Vice Officer of Recruitment

    It has been a long time since Vokundein has had a stable officer of recruitment. Today, Wrathmane has stepped up to aid Vokundein in filling our ranks with quality applicants. Wrathmane has been a member since February. Since then, he has been an activity member both in the forums and in game. Not a single applicant to Vokundein has done gone without being wished good luck nor congratulated on join our ranks. Furthermore, he has been active on the official ESO forums singing the epics of our glory.

    Congratulations to Wrathmane. Vokundein Fron!

  5. Spring Update

    Welcome to Tamriel Unlimited! Vokundein is still going strong and still exploring Tamriel. We have guild activities taking place every day of the week, with events ranging from Trials to Skyshard runs to group PvP. It's been a while since our last news update, so we have a few things to share.

    PvE Department

    Our PvE department continues to host multiple events weekly with a focus on achieving leader board times in trials. We are operating with a small core of trials members and are actively seeking brave adventurers to join us in our endeavors. Our current activities are focused on training our members and preparing them to complete harder content at accelerated speeds.

    Since the launch of Tamriel Unlimited we have:

    • Achieved a leaderboard time in Veteran Dragonstar Arena
    • Achieved multiple clears of AA, Hel Ra, and Veteran Dragonstar Arena
    • Achieved weekly leaderboard times in AA, Hel Ra, and vDSA
    • Multiple healers and tanks with successful vDSA clears
    • Tanks of all four classes with successful vDSA clears

    PvP Department

    Our PvP department holds multiple weekly events and has recently moved from the Thornblade server to Chillrend seeking more challenges and a more contested battleground. Our core PvP members have achieved great things in every campaign we've participated in, including multiple emperorships and working with our allies to help ensure campaign victories.

    Some of our recent PvP achievements:

    • Blasius achieved Emperor
    • Oniric achieved Emperor on multiple characters
    • Frozn and Oniric finished in the top 3 on the leaderboards

    Recruitment Department

    Our recruiting department has recently reduced the requirements for joining to level 10 in anticipation of a continuing trend of new players coming into the game. Level 10 is the minimum required to participate in PvP and will allow the joining of our events in Cyrodiil. We're always looking for new members to join our ranks and look forward to seeing your application soon.

  6. Vokundein Announces New Huscarls and a Happy Holidays Surprise!

    These people have shown true dedication on and off the battlefield, have shown leadership capabilities and have striven to play well and always help educate and assist others. They are true role models to the community and we are very fortunate to have them. The excellence that these people have shown has earned them their much deserved promotions to Huscarl. The people Vokundein would like to recognize are Vada, Varen and Oniric. Recently two people have also stepped up to fill the rolls of Vice Officers of Recruitment for Vokundein and they are Tambora and DreadDraco. Vokundein has also promoted several thralls this month to the rank of Oathsworn and the members that have now become full members of the community worked very diligently and hard to earn this. These new members are Ra’Gix, Jean Snow, Ninefive and Iosheka. Everyone has earned their place and their new ranks and Vokundein is glad to have have them be a part of its community. Stay Focused and Keep Vokundein on the top.


    We have a very special Vokundein Holiday Surprise! A glorious poem from our very own Varen:

    The Night of a Yolo Siege

    'Twas the night of Vokundein's event, when all throughout Cyrodiil
    not a faction was stirring, no action at even a lumbermill.
    The keeps' walls and doors were defended with great care,
    in hopes that a winning campaign soon would be theirs.

    The AD were nestled at Alessia all snug in their beds,
    while visions of scrolls and emperors danced in their heads.
    And Moonlight in their 'kerchief, and Alacrity in their cap,
    had just settled their brains for a short evening' s nap.

    When out on Alessia's front lawn there arose such a clatter,
    They sprang from their bed to see what was the matter.
    Away to the gate they flew like a flash,
    tore open the door, to the sounds of a great crash

    The lights on the gate door, all were aglow
    gave the lustre of midday to objects below,
    when, what to their terrified eyes should appear,
    but a miniature zerg of nine tiny EP'ers.

    With a little templar driver, so lively and fair,
    They knew in a moment it must be St. Zintair.
    With rapid maneuvers, his coursers they came,
    and he whistled and shouted and called them by name:

    Now Frozn! Now Vada!
    Now, Oni and Moe!
    On, Tal! On, Shaeva!
    On, Blaise and Jean Snow!
    To the top of the keep!
    To the top of the wall!
    Now blast away! Blast away!
    Blast away all!

    As a group ballista destroyed the front door,
    through the freshly made breach the group tore
    so up to the keep-top the coursers they flew,
    with the group full of AOE, and St. Zintair too.

    And then, in a twinkling, they heard on the roof
    the stomping and trolloping of each little foot.
    As they drew in their head and were turning around,
    down the stairway to the flag room St. Zintair came with a bound.

    He was dressed all in voidcloth, from his head to his toe,
    and his clothes were all legendary, covered in gold.
    A bundle of heals he had coming from his staff,
    and he looked like a general leading his pack.

    His breath of life, how it sparkled! His stuns made them kneel!
    One hand had a sword, the other a shield!
    His droll little mouth was drawn up like a bow,
    His eyes full of something the enemy didn't know.
    The second bar of a staff he held tight in his hand,
    Revealed this assault was verily quite planned.
    He had a broad face adorned with a mask,
    To hide his frowning as directing his team was quite the task.

    He was elegant and saucy, a right jolly young templar,
    and they stopped when they saw him, his skills were exemplar.
    A wink of his eye and a twist of his head
    soon gave them to know they had plenty to dread.

    He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work,
    Guards fell to their deaths, then Vokundein turned with a jerk.
    His team captured the flags and AD they did maim,
    and giving a nod, the keep they did claim.

    He glanced at his map, to his team gave a whistle,
    And away they all flew like the down of a thistle.
    But no one heard him exclaim, 'ere he drove out of sight,

    Happy Yolo Siege to all, and to all a good night!

    — Varen Veleth

  7. Vokundein achieves more greatness!

    Though Vokundein has made a name for itself in The Elder Scrolls Online in it's achievements in PvP, we decided to do a little PvE as well. Sure we love killing other players, but taking keeps, scrolls, and crowning emperors gets tiresome. We decided to unwind and participate in Zenimax's Dragon Star Arena competition. The top teams to complete DSA got invited to the Zenimax Developer panel.

    I'd like to congratulate our PvE team on completing this task and achieving the top score/time in North America for Dragon Star Arena Veteran. In addition, we achieved the second best overall time/score in the entire world. This just goes to prove one thing; we PvPers can PvE too! Vokundein continues Legend Gaming's tradition of achieving top world performance in PvE raid content, following in the footsteps of Hand of Set (AoC) and Jenjidai (SWTOR).

    Congratulations to Vokundein! For links to screenshots showing our position on the leader board plus pictures of our team, visit our Media Section.

  8. Entering 1.3 with style!

    The patch hit and we all lost our guilds! But in a couple days they were back up and as soon as they were, Vokundein members had their tabard. We successfully hired our guild merchant in Mournhold and we have been selling our goods! People have dyed their gear and we set up an achievement run on Friday (August 8th) to assist some of our members with unlocking their colors! In Thornblade, our new campaign, we have assisted the EP in the close fight and came out ahead this Sunday. Our guild meeting on August 3rd was a success and we continue to move forward as a community. Vokundein fron!

  9. Upcoming guild meeting, August 3rd

    Since the last guild meeting on May 27th so much has happened! We had officership changes, we got a new emperor, we have recruited new people. Not only legend Gaming but ESO has move forward too. We have a new patch coming this august with changes to guilds, the Tabard System and so much more to be excited about. It is time we have a new guild meeting so we can discuss all of this and our future from here. Vokundein is holding a guild meeting on August 3rd at 6PM EST, see you all there!

  10. Oniric, Vokundein's first emperor!

    It is with the utmost pride and respect that I congratulate Oniric for achieving the status of emperor in our home campaign Wabbajack! Oniric is one of our Huscarls, a highly respected PvP rank within Legend Gaming, given only for the best PvPers in our ranks. Today Oniric proved that he deserves the Huscarl rank by achieving this awesome milestone of making it to Emperor in such a competitive campaign! Congratulations to everyone in Vokundein and all of our Ebonheart Pact allies for making this possible. Our union and strength made it possible for Oniric to be crowned.

    At the launch of ESO everyone was figuring out where they wanted to go. Guilds were moving from campaign to campaign, and when we decided to make Wabbajack our home it was late to catch up to the current emperors. I am happy to see that now that we had a chance to be in our campaign from the start our players are able to be recognized by their dedication! Just look at the rank and you will see who is at the top. Vokundein fron! UNTIL THE END!

  11. Campaigns are coming to an end!

    With Cyrodiil campaigns coming to an end next week Vokundein is looking at our achievements, performance and accomplishments in this campaign and seeing where we can improve. While we have been a major contributing force in the battlefields of Wabbajack, there is always room for improvement. We plan to invest into highly specialized and coordinated teams, building our players up to contribute more and work better together so we can completely obliterate our enemies in the next session. The video below is an example of the kind of fun that can be had during our PvP events! Check our Media page for more videos!

  12. Allastair promoted to Guild Leader of Vokundein

    My brothers and sisters, I have greatly enjoyed leading Vokundein for over a year and a half now. I founded Vokundein and have been so very happy with it's progress. Vokundein is, hands down, one of the best guilds in TESO. This cannot be disputed. This is due to all of you and the officers.

    I regretfully must step down from my role of leading this chapter due to real life and a general disagreement with the direction of TESO. This has nothing to do with Vokundein. It is one of the finest guilds I've ever led. I'm so proud of all of you. I hand the reigns to one of the finest leaders of Legend Gaming, Allastair.

    Treat him as you would treat me. I will remain Legend Gaming's Community Manager and will still be here and available if anyone needs me.

  13. Vokundein Guild Photo Shoot

    It's hard to believe it's been almost a month since the release of Elder Scrolls Online. Between frantically leveling and dominating in PvP, Vokundein found the time to collectively "come up for air" and pose for an epic photo shoot. Check it out by clicking the thumbnail below!

  14. Release is finally upon us!

    It's here folks. Vokundein is quite excited about the release of The Elder Scrolls Online. After a year of waiting and working together as a pre-release guild, it's time to charge into release and conquer Cyrodil, defeat Molag Baal, and take back Tamriel in the name of Vokundein. Our leveling groups are set, our missions are clear, our departments are ready. It's time!

    Thanks to all our members whom have stayed and waited with us for this past year. The anticipation has kept us going and kept us active, planning, and working together to prepare for this moment.

    Vokundein Fron.

  15. Two new Officers

    Vokundein would like to introduce two new officers. Zintair will be the PvP Dept Leader and will be in charge of PvP in Vokundein. Isarii will be the Diplomacy Department Leader and will be in charge of all diplomacy between Vokundein and other communities.

    Both of them are extremely qualified in their fields and we are very excited to have them in their roles.

    Isarii, as most of you know, is the "face" of The Elder Scrolls Online. He is one of the more respected writers on all things TESO and is a staff member at Tamriel Foundry and a contributor at TESOcast. Isarii has also, during his media forays, learned a great deal about all the other TESO guilds, friend and foe. This puts him in a great position to function as our Diplomacy officer. Everyone knows who he is and he knows who everyone else is.

    Zintair comes from a long line of MMO PvP history. He is a DAoC veteran, an RvR raid leader veteran, and has been MMOing since Asheron's Call. He has experienced some of the most harsh PvP environments (DAoC, SWG, Shadowbane, etc) and has flourished in all these areas. During this past weekend beta, Zintair stepped up and led our forces in PvP and everyone seemed to have a lot of fun with him in charge. More importantly, despite being heavily outnumbered, he was able to do a lot of damage to the enemy while leading Vokundein's forces. I am very excited to see Zintair take Vokundein to the top.

  16. Hitting the ground running!

    On the next weeks Vokundein has a sequence of meetings. The first one being on March 5th where we will discuss how PvP will happen, announce the PvP officer and set up the department. On later weeks we will have the PvE meeting and the Crafting meeting with the same purpose. Even though the meetings are not mandatory players who focus on that area should all attend. Vokundein leadership is making sure that we are on the same page and coordinated for launch! As the meetings happen we will have more news!

  17. Remh Promoted to Vice Officer

    I wanted to take a moment to congratulate Remh on being promoted to the role of Vice Officer of Activity. He will be assisting Berit, our Activity Officer, in running the activity department and overseeing member activity. Remh has been with us since July of 2013 and has been one of our most active members.

    I also wanted to thank Anaksuun for her service as Vice Officer of Activity. Real life has caused her to not be able to dedicate the time required for the position. She has done a wonderful job and we'll miss her counsel in officer meetings.

  18. New Blood in the Leadership!

    If you've been following our community you've probably noticed that we're getting more than one application every day! Yes folks, there is a lot of hype going on in the ESO community as we approach launch, and lots of people are looking for guilds to join; Vokundein is there, at the right time and right place, and we are very happy to welcome you all (or most of you, some get denied of course)! With such activity, it is natural that we need more people to assist with the application process, which is why I'd like to congratulate Kovlin and Nabren for being promoted to Vice-Officers of Recruitment! Way to go folks, stepping up to assist this community in its growth, we become stronger with your help and contribution! Stay tuned for more news soon!

  19. Vokundein Promo Video

    We're proud to present our new Vokundein promotional video!

  20. Latest updates!

    With the news coming out this month (PvE video as well a the Voice over casting being announced) plus the excitement over the game after the last beta weekend Vokundein has been doing great in our numbers. We are averaging more than one application a day and we are growing at a steady pace. Our activity requirements remain and as always we prefer quality over quantity so we remain as demanding as we can be with our trial members and we had to remove a few. But so many have shows us what they are capable of and how they add to this community! I want to congratulate Pergoa, Iaokim, Ranthar and Zintair for their promotions to full membership! And also Mahal for becoming our new Vice-Officer of Crafting and working together with Kriss, Head of Crafting in our newest department.

    As we approach launch our PvP and PvE departments will soon come to light, stay tuned for more news!

  21. Vokundein ranks overhauled

    The RP Department of Vokundein has been doing some internal reviews of our lore. We want our lore to be as accurate as possible with regard to the Elder Scrolls. The loremasters felt our ranking system was not very accurate. Some of our ranks just did not fit well with the hierarchy of Nord society. As such, our ranks have been given an overhaul. The roster and every member's forum rank has been updated. Our full members are now Oathsworn. Our officers are Reeves and our Vice Officers are Outriders. The guild leader is no longer a Thane but is now a Chieftain. Thanks to the RP Department for all their hard work in getting this done!

  22. Vokundein continues to grow in strength!

    Congratulations to our latest full members, Vorstag Wolf Heart and Weylyn Dreyri! You guys have shown extreme commitment to the community, have been super active in our forums and in other external ESO forums, and have continuously demonstrated how excited you are about this game! We'd also like to congratulate the ones who were promoted just a week before them: Apnea, Absjorn, Varona and Yevon. You guys are Legend Gaming; without dedicated and committed members, we are nothing but another name. We will continue to grow and hit the ground running when ESO comes out in April 2014!

  23. Upcoming Vokundein Guild Meeting!

    On December 4, 2013 at 9pm EST we'll be having a guild meeting! Topics to be covered include:

    • Game information. We'll go over combat, quests, and what we know that doesn't break beta NDA. We need all of our members to catch up with the latest news and be informed about ESO!
    • Recruitment, RP, Crafting, and Activity. Briefing on each dept's progress in the last couple months.
    • Introduction to the Diplomacy department!
    • The typical "ask Drahl anything" session.

    As always the meeting is mandatory to all Vokundein members and other LG members may attend if they wish.

  24. Welcome our New Vice-Officers!

    That's right folks! As the guild continues to grow it is important that our members step up to assist with it's administration. Keeping the Vokundein keep organized demands time and effort from our membership, that is why Elynass Caste has been given the title of Vice-Officer of Roleplay to assist Morwen Tivele on everything RP! In addition, Yosy Undar, twin brother of Elore Undar, has joined the recruitment department as a Vice-Officer. The leadership has new assistants, and we are ready to roll!

  25. Lo and Behold! LG new forums!

    After a lot of work, testing, thread moving and effort from the web team as well as all officers and members, the Legend Gaming "one forum to rule them all" is up and running! All Legend Gaming chapters (including Vokundein) are now under the same forums, discussions are more active than ever and the community feel has grown exponentially as all of our members get to see each other and interact on a daily basis, regardless of the games they are interested in! Click the foums link at the top menu and check it out, hang out and discuss with us!

  26. Anaksuun, our newest Vice-Officer!

    Busy times for Vokundein officership and members! We have been testing and moving our administration over to our new forums announced in the last Legend Gaming meeting. But, moves and news aside, the wheels can't stop spinning, and nothing better to aid us than having a brand new Activity Vice-Officer. Anaksuun has been promoted by Berit (Head of Activity) to assist with the activity checks in the guild! Congratulations Anaksuun! I am sure your work will help us a lot towards excelence as an ESO guild, Activity is a vital department!

  27. Upcoming Community Meeting and Activity Trivia Night

    As we actively anticipate the release of TESO, Vokundein is doing it's best to keep it's growing memberbase excited and active in the community. Legend Gaming will be hosting a large community meeting, consisting of members from all LG chapters, on Oct 19, 2013 at 9pm EST. It is MANDATORY for all Legend Gaming members to attend. We are very excited about this meeting and plan to introduce a brand new chapter (Talion for EQNext) as well as our new forums which we have dubbed, "The one forum to rule them all". All Legend Gaming chapters will be condensed into one forum to help streamline the community. The meeting will also, as always, cover important community news concepts, announcements, and so on.

    Additionally, on October 23, 2013 at 9pm EST, Vokundein will be hosting an activity night in ventrilo. All Legend Gaming members are welcome to attend. We will be doing a trivia night consisting of Elder Scrolls lore, Legend Gaming history lore, and other topics. The winner will receive a very nice prize, as always. We hope to see everyone there.

  28. Moving Forward

    The last guild meeting on August was a success! We had great attendance and discussed several aspects of ESO, including crafting and how to best approach the economy, we had lots of fun in chat and strengthened our bonds. Since then things have been a little quiet in the ESO community, but we are not ones to settle for quiet.

    In about a month at October 19th we are having a community wide gathering for members in all chapters of Legend Gaming. We will be meeting to discuss Legend Gaming news, upcoming events, and some concerns we have for the community. We will also discuss our newest upcoming chapter, Talion for EQNext. Members will also have an opportunity to address concerns, give advice to leadership, and ask questions. Stay tuned!

  29. Mandatory Guild Meeting - Aug 29th

    Vokundein will be having a major and mandatory guild meeting in ventrilo on August 29, 2013. Please see the official news forum for details. We'll be discussing game mechanics, departmental progress, and going over the in game economy and crafting HEAVILY. Hope to see all members there. Those whom cannot attend, please let Drahl know.

  30. RP Meeting Debriefing

    I wanted to thank everyone who attended our big RP meet on August 4. We had a good showing and our RP leader, Morwen, was very happy to get to speak to all of you about the lore for the guild.

    The Mod project for Skyrim has had new air breathed into it. Juun-Thulm is currently heading the project and is VERY motivated to get this mod completed. The mod will include a quest line that tells Vokundein's story, our city/keep will be visitable, and other Vokundein easter eggs will be added to the Skyrim game. If you are interested in helping, contact Juun-Thulm.

  31. Forum Outages

    Yes ladies and gentlemen, our forums went down for 24 hours. Unfortunately, you guys are just too active! Hah!. The forum is simply overloading our host's server and we are diligently working to expand our server resources to accomidate our growing forums. Having three active chapters for World of Darkness, The Elder Scrolls Online, and Wildstar is just eating away at our server computer. But our tech team knows how to fix it and we're working on it. For now, we've taken out the chatbox on all forums to help alleviate some of the server load. Don't worry, it'll be coming back. We all love the chatbox.

  32. Mahal, Remh, and Sybriel Promoted

    Vokundein would like to take a moment to congratulate Mahal, Remh, and Sybriel on their promotion to full member. They have passed their trial phase and have earned their full membership. We're very proud of them and are very happy to have them as members of the Legend Gaming family.

    Keep your eyes peeled for a redesign of the Vokundein website. The new website has passed our concept phase and is now being coded by our web team. We're very excited to bring this new and updated site to our members and the TESO community. It's beautiful and we hope it will further capture the air and mystery that is Vokundein and Elder Scrolls.

    55 members now...

  33. First and foremost, we'd like to congratulate Nevryn on becoming the Vice Officer of Role-play. Nevryn has hit the ground running and has been pouring his heart and soul into the role-play department. We're very excited for many of the new things RP Leader Morwen Tivele and her newest Vice Officer have in store for us.

    Congratulations to Blackheart on passing his probation phase and becoming a full member of Legend Gaming. Blackheart ran through his probation with style, often toping our activity lists and really worked hard to get to know his new brothers and sisters. Congratulations bro!

    Lastly, attention all Role-Players. We would like to announce the role-play department will be having a non-mandatory meeting on August at 6pm EST. They will be discussing quest boards, weekly RP challenges, and RP spotlights. They will also be having a RP question and answer session. Hope to see everyone there!

  34. We are very pleased to announce the promotion of Morwen Tivele to a Full Officer position. She will be the new leader of the Role-Play Department in Vokundein. Morwen has server as Vice Officer of the department for many months and has assisted in bringing it to the forefront of Vokundein pre-release activity. Morwen has assisted in creating several great background stories and overseeing some great guild lore development. We look forward to see what Morwen has in store for the department and for Vokundein.

  35. I am proud to announce that we have a new Elder among us. A'nimus joined Legend Gaming in July of 2011. Since then, he has been the pinacle of activity within our community. He is one of the only members to consistently maintain multiple chapter memberships.

    A'nimus also led the PvP department inside Jenjidai for awhile, taking that department to new heights. A'nimus has always been known as a amazing PvPer with a reputation for mayhem.

    We're very proud of A'nimus and continue to appreciate his amazing involvement in Legend Gaming.!

  36. Congratulations to Bjord and Trippdie on their promotions to Full Member of Legend Gaming and Vokundein. Well earned!

  37. Congratulations Doog, Delvadrik and Malvren on their promotions to Full Member of Legend gaming and Vokundein. Each of them has passed their trial member phases and it is an honor to have them as full members. Congratulations everyone!

  38. Morgrym Joins The Old Guys!

    Congratulations to Morgrym on his promotion to Elder, one of the highest ranks a member can achieve in Legend Gaming. Morgrym is a great person to hang out with, very fun to talk to. For a time he assisted Elder Terask in the crafting deparment for our SWTOR chapter, Jen'jidai. Morgrym is also active in multiple Legend Gaming chapters, Jen'jidai and Vokundein, a good example of of the community feel we enjoy seeing in our members. This promotion will only give him the chance to further help the community grow. Congrats once again, Morgrym!

  39. Congratulations to Astanex, Frindis, Khekinash, and Eijns on their promotion to full members of Vokundein and Legend Gaming. Each has passed the trial process with great activity and interest. Congrats everyone!

    Moreover, congratulations to Morgrym on his promotion to Elder, one of the highest ranks a member can achieve in Legend Gaming. Morgrym is a great person to hang out with, very fun to talk to. For a time he assisted Elder Terask in the crafting deparment for our STOR chapter, Jen'jidai. Morgrym is also active in multiple Legend Gaming chapters, Jen'jidai and VOkundein, a good example of of the community feel we enjoy seeing in our members. This promotion will only give him the chance to further help the community grow. Congrats once again, Morgrym!

  40. Vokundein, our Elder Scrolls Online chapter has set a new record for member roll calls, with a 100% member response, which shows how active all of our here members are. The previous best roll call was 98% response from membership, set by Jen'jidai, our SWTOR chapter.

  41. We would like to congratulate Alexis on becoming the Officer of RP(role play). The Elder Scrolls setting is rich in lore and we expect her to bring great things to the RP setting of our chapter. As her first act she has chosen Morwen Tivele as her assistant. Together they shall fight with their quills and their words, bringing great stories to our Role Players. congratualtions ladies!

  42. New Record!

    Vokundein, our Elder Scrolls Online chapter has set a new record for member roll calls, with a 100% response, which shows how active all of their members are. The previous best roll call was 98% response from membership, set by Jen'jidai, our former SWTOR chapter.

  43. Congratulations to Thadeus, Wystan, Mythoss and Alexi on their promotion to Freeman(or Freewoman, for Alexis) of Vokundein and becoming full members of Legend Gaming. Great job everyone.

  44. Some of Vokundein's hardcore RPers are working on some really neat developments for our RP Department. Currently they are developing a story plot that our members may participate in. Here is a teaser;

    "The sky is opening up over Kronstad and one of Molag Bal's Dark Anchors descends on the home of Vokundein. Who will join the fight to defend the Windcaller ancestral home?"

    Stay tuned for more information.

    Additionally, we have a mod team working hard on a Vokundein Skyrim mod which will feature Vokundein's fortress, The Kronberg. The mod will also feature several quest lines that follow Vokundein's lore. We're really excited about this mod and hope everyone will stay tuned for more info, in the coming months.

  45. Vokundein would like to congratulate Kovlin, Leon Rothchild, Etaki Kryscream, Berit, and Jaytel on their successfull completion of their trial period. All five are now full members of Vokundein and Legend Gaming. Congrats guys.

  46. Vokundein would like to congratulate Sylermane, Osyrix, and Dralshyar on their successfull completion of their trial period. All three are now full members of Vokundein and Legend Gaming. Congrats guys.

    For those whom like listening to podcasts, check out the newest TESOcast - a podcast for The Elder Scrolls Online. This is Episode 1, which aired this week. There will be a new one every week. These podcasts discuss everything TESO. Our Recruitment Officer, Allastair, is one of the hosts. Tune in!

  47. Vokundein would like to congratulate Cools-his-hands, Oddvard, and Hexos, on their successfull completion of their trial period. All three are now full members of Vokundein and Legend Gaming. Congrats guys.

  48. Vokundein has chosen Navana as the first Vice Officer of Recruitment. He will be helping out Allastair with bringing in new faces to the community and as well as help walk them in through the interview process.

  49. Vokundein would like to congratulate Jayce and Zainnifer on their successfull completion of their trial period. Both are now full members of Vokundein and Legend Gaming. Congrats guys, and welcome back to the family Jayce!

  50. Vokundein has been heavily recruiting for TESO. We're very excited to welcome Kovlin, Isarii, and Hexos. They have embarked on a new journey with Legend Gaming and we're excited to have them. Are you interested in joining? Head over to the Join page.

  51. Vokundein is officially live and recruiting. If you are interested in joining, please visit the join page and follow the instructions there. Vokundein's ambition will see them climb to the top, don't miss out on being part of a great guild!

  52. It gives me great pleasure to introduce Legend Gaming's newest member of the family, Vokundein. Vokundein is a chapter for the HIGHLY anticipated Elder Scrolls Online MMO. We wish them nothing but the best as they aim for the throne.