Vokundein: An Ebonheart Pact Guild

As the torrents of rivers rush toward the great blue waters, so too our warriors rush towards the gaping mouth of the Daedric fiends.

— Vokundein Proverb
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Legend Gaming

Vokundein is currently a client guild of the Legend-Gaming community. Established as a chapter in January of 2013, Vokundein brought the community- oriented tradition of Legend-Gaming to the Elder Scrolls Online; a tradition that started with the guild Hand of Set, in Age of Conan. Legend-Gaming seeks excellence and maturity in all of its gaming and Hand of Set created the benchmark in 2006 by being the #1 pre-launch guild in Age of Conan and the #1 PvP guild on the server. Legend Gaming moved on to establish one of the top guilds in Warhammer (Volkmar-Legend), being the #1 PvE and PvP guild on the server and being responsible for forming and leading the first successful Order City Raid. In 2009, Legend-Gaming also established the guild, Jen'jidai for Star Wars the Old Republic; a Jung-Ma server Empire guild that had established itself as one of the top SW:ToR guilds in the entire world. Jen'jidai had over 30 server first raid kills under it's belt and was known for being a worthy PvP opponent. Prior to ESO’s release, Legend Gaming celebrated it’s 5th Anniversary as a gaming community. If you'd like to see a glimpse of our accomplishments, please watch our community 5th anniversary tribute video. For a full history of how Legend Gaming started, you can also visit our about Legend Gaming page.


Vokundein (Meaning Shadow Guard in Dragon tongue) is a Ebonheart Pact guild for the MMO, The Elder Scrolls Online. Vokundein's main focus as a guild will be PvE and PvP progression, and domination alongside casual play and progression through the Elder Scrolls world. Additionally, as a guild, we seek to provide our members with the tools and opportunities they deserve to get maximum enjoyment from this MMO. Although we have moved to a more causal activity environment as a client guild of Legend-Gaming, we still have a hardcore heart behind our guild as a whole which plans to fully invest ourselves in all facets this game offers, be it Player versus Environment (PvE) endgame raids, casual Role-Play (RP) character development, and Player versus Player (PvP) engagements. Although Vokundein was founded to also put focus on Role-play, we currently do not have a department dedicated to Roleplay. However, we do have members of Vokundein and Legend-Gaming that do enjoy Role Play, and this is a place for the gamers interested in lore and story driven gaming. Role-play, as always, is never required. Vokundein is split into three departments to keep itself organized. Each department (PvP, PvE, and Crafting) have their own officer that is in charge of scheduling events, running events, and maintaining an active roster in their field. It is the department leader's job to make sure their department is pushing a "progressive" mentality and striving to be the best in the game at what they do, while maintaining an environment that embraces both the casual and hardcore players. This ensures that our members are happy. This guild is a client guild of the multi-gaming network Legend-Gaming. By joining Vokundein, you may also apply separately to join the entire Legend Gaming network. If you are looking for a gaming community focused on a tight knit family environment, while maintaining a server first mentality, this is the home for you.


Vokundein's leadership history is composed of over fifteen years of PvP experience, with our current officers being forthright and experienced in the meta of PvP in ESO since beta. Our leadership, and much of our gaming community's membership, have experienced some of the harshest PvP environments in gaming. These games include: Shadowbane, Ultima Online, Lineage 1 and 2, and Dark Age of Camelot. Vokundein is very excited about The Elder Scrolls Online, as it gives us an opportunity to focus on what we love most: open world PvP. We greatly enjoy a RvR (Realm V. Realm) system and a Frontier PvP system (Cyrodiil). We attempt to push the envelope in the PvP realm and will guide our causal and experienced membership towards one goal: PvP domination.


Vokundein, like its brother chapters of Ordo Veritas (Camelot Unchained) and Ascendance (Crowfall), will be putting much of its focus on end game raiding and progression, be it trials, dungeons or arenas. Vokundein will be composed of two major raid groups: progression and non-progression. The progression raid group, as always, will be competing for world first kills and a top rank position on the leaderboards. The non-progression group will be composed of members who are not hardcore raiders, but who want to experience the raids and story line. This gives all our members an opportunity to experience the entire game. We are firm believers in giving all our members an opportunity to fulfill all their goals in the game.


Legend-Gaming has always prided itself on organization and lore driven gaming. We feel it elevates the player's gaming experience if he/she is in an environment where they can completely engross themselves into the game and all it has to offer. What makes us unique is our equal focus on Lore, PvP, and PvE. Though we consider ourselves a guild of hardcore gamers, we still embrace the immersion which can come from being in a MMORPG world. We are very excited about The Elder Scrolls Online. It presents an opportunity to re-enter the beloved world of Tamriel and see areas of the world we haven't seen since Morrowind and Daggerfall. The lore of The Elder Scrolls is unparalleled. The story and the world are amazing and very immersive. We feel this world will give our role- players and our lore an amazing experience.

How to join us

In order to join Vokundein, an applicant must fulfill these requirements:

The leadership and membership of this community have more than fifteen years of gaming experience in some of the harshest PvP environments including Shadowbane, Ultima Online, Dark Age of Camelot, and the Lineage series. Betray us at your own peril.